Tucson Jogs Show 2017

Tucson Gem Show 2018 – come visit Navneet Gems

Navneet Gems and Minerals’ exhibits the Tucson Gem Show 2018 at JOGS Tucson show at Booth number E405 at 3750, E. Irvington Rd, Tucson, USA.

Tucson Jogs Show 2017
Tucson Jogs Show 2018 Exhibiting the Gemstone show in 2017, to re-tap more post customers and get in touch with existing customers who visit the world’s biggest Gem show.

Our main display at our Gemstone Booth will be semi-precious stones, along with precious stones that we manufacture in Bangkok, the hub of Precious gemstones. We are also showcasing our main line for 23 years, Topaz. Showcasing products like White topaz, Sky blue topaz, Pink coated topaz, Mystic topaz, Swiss blue topaz, and some London blue topaz. Our company’s main streamline business has been the topaz. We are capable of supplying Preforms, Facetted stones, Fancy cuttings, Cabochons, and even Rough.

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About us

We are a Gemstone manufacturer, with our factories located in Bangkok and Jaipur, we are one of the oldest Gemstone company from Thailand. Our company’s location provides us a very strong presence in the upcoming Tucson Gem Show 2017 because we have the best of both worlds. While India is really good at cutting for weight and labor-focused gemstone cutting and cleaning of the rough, performing is the strength of our Indian cutters, Bangkok has very talented cutters like ours who know what good polish for semi-precious stones and good quality for precious stones mean. They dont cut for weight, they cut for the quality and beautiful sparkling gemstones which is we are able to cater to all types of Gemstone buyers, from all around the world.