Wholesale Loose Teal and Parti Sapphire

The Most Popular Gemstones In 2021!

The year of 2021 has been on a change. Everything has changed upside down. From the way we see things, travel around the world, dining habits, socializing methods and also our taste in gemstones. 2021 is the year of vaccine, where the world is getting vaccinated; where USA & Europe are almost full vaccinated, there are countries like Australia, Singapore & Thailand that are struggling with vaccines and the correct mindset to fully run the economy. 

Tastes in gemstones has changed. Our gemstone industry comprises of three types of category of gemstones; one if for the Engagement ring market (Bridal), second is the fashion industry and third is the Investment market. There was already a big change we were seeing, the change was from Diamonds to Diamond alternatives – in the Engagement ring market, the covid really helped pushed this trend into something that meant a lot more then alternatives. Let’s first dig deeper into the Diamond alternative gemstones trends for the bridal gemstones market. 

Diamonds are forever. But diamonds leave the pockets empty forever… that true too. Diamonds are a well marketed product with high value of the diamond but in the end consumers don’t have enough money to spend on diamonds on their engagement ring. Why do we love selling Salt & Pepper Diamonds? Simply put they give a lot of spare money to the buyer to enjoy their wedding on other things and not on a big fat 10K diamond and many more reasons including the fact that they give margins to jewelers also to survive this crisis. One of the factor wholesalers & jewelers always look for is profit margins due to their prime location expenses, training of staffs and many years of experience along with holding cost of gemstones, diamonds, gold and labor. So if you are a jeweler definitely look into alternate gemstone engagement rings. Or alternative gemstones. 


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The most popular gemstones in the bridal area are:

1.Teal Sapphire


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The color of sapphire that is unique, one off and not replaceable. Every teal sapphire is unique and different from each other which is the major selling point for this 2nd hardest gemstone in the world after Diamond. Sapphire are the strongest sellers in 2021, not as much blue, pink, peach, yellow, white as we are selling Teal and Parti Sapphires much more then any other color of sapphire. Peach sapphires are and will always be popular as the color peach makes it to the liking of most brides out there. 

2.Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Yes you heard that right salt and pepper. This signifies inclusions that look like salt and pepper inclusions. Diamonds that speak to you are these salt and pepper diamonds as every inclusion looking different from each other, every stone having a different composition of inclusions (quality, quantity, length, width, color of inclusions). The more inclusions the more the salt and pepper diamonds are worth – did we mention that 2021 is all about change. 


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3.Semi precious stones

Such as Spinels, Tourmalines, Aquamarines, Morganites have been all the rage in the lower price points to cater to all pockets. Fine spinels, fine aquamarines and fine tourmalines (blue lagoon, indicolite, Paraiba) have been difficult to source this year due to many mines being closed.

Fashion industry changes in 2021 have been tiny. With the color of the year being the positive yellow symbolizing positive future and grey for a neutral year, we are seeing a lot of Grey spinels into commercial small mass produced jewelry along with the semi precious stone yellow citrine. There are other trends like the men’s jewelry growing much stronger by the year due to the pearl fashion coming into play into the men’s jewelry industry. 

Investment industry has transformed to be a stronger industry for wholesale Loose gemstones. Super fine unheated rubies, unheated Kashmir sapphires and no oil Columbian emeralds have been going strong under the precious stones categories. The semi precious stones like Paraiba tourmaline (no longer considered a semi precious category) is definitely on top of the list for any 5 carat+ clean stones. In the precious stones mostly 5 carat+ for the rubies, 10 carat+ for the sapphires and emeralds selling well this year in 2021. 

So yes these are the trends in the most popular gemstones in 2021. Teal sapphires being on the top of the list, by far, winning all other gemstones due to their hardness, it can be used as any type of jewelry including wedding rings and fashion statement pieces.

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