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Thailand – The Hub of Gemstones and Jewellery


Thailand is a southeastern land with absolute beauty. It is bestowed with the richness of culture, the site attractions, the cuisine, the dance, and the GEMSTONES. This country is one of the world’s most famous destinations where the economy is primarily based on the gemstone business. Since the 15th century, the country had gemstone riches located in Trat, Kanchanaburi (for blue sapphires), and the gemstone market in Chanthaburi for deep red rubies. Thailand people hold centuries of expertise in cutting and trading these colored gemstones; a legacy passed down to them by their ancestors. The extent of importance can be estimated by the fact that gem business majorly counts to the national economy. The Gemstones from Thailand are categorized under the top exports.

FACT – Thailand was known for containing the largest reserve of facet-grade rubies, and that was a turning point for the success of this trade.

List of Companies in Thailand

Thailand has

Centuries-old business, expertise, cutting-edge technology, testing facilities set up by experts from around the globe in the gemstone trade which makes it a renowned spot. Furthermore, the country is also believed to be the most appropriate location for setting up a manufacturing center in the Southeast Asian region. The success and prosperity of Thailand’s economy due to the gemstone trade has led the government to facilitate the international enterprises by offering them tax benefits, opportunities for investment, infrastructure setup, and the benefits of multilateral and bilateral agreements. For these reasons, big companies like Pandora (a Jewellery brand from Belgium?) have set up the most important part of their business; Production. You might know that Thailand is a member of AEC, an acronym of the ASEAN Economic Community and this ensures the expansion and investment in Asia.

Thailand has managed its reputation as a major manufacturing center of colored gemstones (Wholesale Loose Gemstones Thailand)

Thailand was initially a source of gems and now most of the gemstone’s raw material is imported from the other parts of the world. Still, this southeastern land has amazingly managed its reputation as an important manufacturing center for colored gemstones. It is also one of the biggest source hubs for gemstones. Rubies in Chanthaburi and Sapphires in Kanchanaburi were the driving forces of the origin of the cutting and polishing trade. This business dealt with converting the rough stones into spectacularly beautiful gems. Jewelry craftsmen and expert gem cutters were the other factors that strengthened this industry.

The high point lies in the transformation of raw material into great gemstones from Thailand and jewelry by mainly dealing with heating, cutting, and polishing of gemstones. It also involves the designing, casting, polishing, setting, packaging and quality assurance, and control of the jewelry.

FACT – Thailand is the leading exporter of corundum family gemstones, Sapphires, and Ruby. It earned $10,000 million with this export in 2015 in the Gem and Jewellery sector.

Why Thailand’s gems trade is so promising?

There are several reasons why this Thailand gemstone market has been thriving ever since its onset:

  • Labor Intensive
  • Relies on Skilled craftsmanship
  • Beautifully designed jewelry
  • Modern Technology
  • Polishing cutting colored gemstones
  • Skilled cutters
  • Low cost – Minimum wage is approximately $300/month
  • Foreign firms investing in equipment and facilities
  • Availability of almost all the varieties of stones and raw material
  • A lot of potential for future development
  • Natural Resources
  • Government promotion – Even the local Bangkok Gem and Jewellery shows in 2016 were undertaken by the government. The promotional campaigns were organized around the city to invite local people and foreigners
  • High-quality Thai artisanship

Even with this extensive and promising development in the gemstone industry, there lies a lot of potential in the further expansion of this trade.
The present scenario of the gems and jewelry industry of Thailand is treating, buying, and selling gemstones from Madagascar, Africa, and Brazil. Thailand has almost all varieties of gemstones, the raw material of gems is found here to be processed and traded.

The gemstones and jewelry industry of Thailand is mainly consisting of three areas –

  1. Treatment of gems– heat, cut, and polish
  2. Jewelry – Design, casting, setting, polish, control in quality as per the standards, package
  3. International and domestic markets – sales and marketing by enterprises (medium and small)

FACT – Thailand’s Ruby mines are exhausted, thus they are imported from Madagascar and Mozambique.

Organization Supporting the Gem and Jewellery in Thailand
Major export destinations – make from the figure
Major Export of Wholesale GemstonesThailand
ASEAN consists of mainly Asian countries, and it together forms one of the most important markets of exporting gemstones. It showcased excellent potential and posed stiff competition to Thailand as there a considerable growth in the value of the exports was witnessed. The main places of exports were Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia which were the top three markets.

FACTThailand is a country most noted for cutting sapphires, rubies, and many other gemstones.

Treatment of Wholesale Loose Gemstones Thailand

Heat treatment is applied to the colored stones as they pass through the process of treatment at extremely high temperatures of about 1,000 – 1,800 C. This is done under the conditions suitable to impart a deep color to gems, as well as improving their clarity. One can apply the heat method in a closed furnace by controlling the other necessary factors. Heat applied to these gems results in their physical transformation that lead to an increase or decrease in the percentage of color saturation. This treatment can also result in a change of color with blemish reduction making the gems more valuable, increased brilliance, and luster. In the past decades, heat treatment was applied by using oil furnaces, charcoal furnaces, and gas furnaces.

Then, electric furnaces arrived having gained immense popularity, and gemstone manufacturers were keener on using this for applying the heat treatment. This universally acceptable method has been applied for centuries to rubies and sapphires. One most important point to consider in mind is that heating should always be done in a way it does not weaken the stone, the resultant of which are cracks that you can hide by injecting the resin. If the seller is aware that the gem has been heat-treated, declare this to the buyer about the treatment methods and the high temperature through which the gemstone has been passed. But, the natural gems will always hold a premium value, unlike the treated ones. The increase in demand for untreated stones from China has greatly helped in reducing the work pressure on the gemstone heaters of Thailand.

The staff at Navneet Gems & Minerals is well equipped for pure professional treatment to our valuable customers and post-seekers.

Gemstone Manufacturing India

FACTThailand is one of the biggest producers of a large variety of gems including the sapphires. Sapphires can be found in brownish yellow color, green, pink, blue, and much more. They are often dark in their color, and the gems are treated to enhance their brilliance. One category of sapphires is the fancy sapphires that have rainbow hues. We, at Navneet Gems, take pride in selling some of the most beautiful fancy sapphires.

Support of BOI

Thailand’s Board of Investment agency has expressed its support to the gemstones sector countless times by promoting investments in Thai Jewelry and Gems. There are a lot of benefits and incentives granted, the most notable of which include –

  1. Machinery – import duty exemption
  2. A Raw material or essential material – import duty exemption for the manufacture of export products for a year. It is extendable if the BOI finds it appropriate.
  3. Taking into account the 100% investment, you will get a 3-year exemption from the corporate income tax. It will not include the working capital and the cost of land.
  4. There are other incentives including no tax. Say, for example, establishing the gems and jewelry industry will grant the incentives of investments but there are some terms and conditions involved.

What are the conditions that help decide if the corporate industry is eligible for other incentives?

Conditions for corporate incentives
FACT – It was in 2011 that the gems and jewelry industry generated not less than US$10 billion that significantly improved the Thai Economy.

Gemstone Trade in Bangkok

One of the primary and largest markets for gemstones trade in Bangkok. Bangkok has gemstone dealers who deal with almost all gemstones including the tourmaline, garnets, spinel, jade, topaz, peridot, sapphire, and ruby.
The market of Bangkok is famous for wholesalers, buyers, and traders of colored gems and jewelry. There are many offices here, and even there are some of the world’s biggest gemstone sellers in Bangkok.

Buyers and Sellers of Gems in Thailand
Raw materials from which gems are cut and polished come to Bangkok and other places in Thailand. It is here that the raw material is cut; it is heated or treated if needed and then manufactured to form a notable brilliance, color, and luster gems and jewelry. Many countries are the significant source of colored gems such as Burma, South America, Sri Lanka, and Africa. But the gems cutters of these countries do not have that artisanship as the Thai cutters do. It is just like the situation where the demand is huge and in combination with the ever-increasing competition; the best place to buy the item is where you know it is traded the most in comparison to any other part of the world.

FACT – If you are getting a cheap stone then you are possibly getting mislead about the quality. It may have a bad cut, abused by treating it to a level beyond what is specified and dark color. We’ve had many retail customers email us through our website and ask for a 5-carat unheated natural ruby, clean for $500. For this reason, please don’t be mislead.

Silom Area

In Bangkok lies Silom Road or Silom road, which is a sub-district in Bangrak of Bangkok. It is considered crucial for the Thailand gemstone market. It is where you will find tens and hundreds of gemstone shops and retailers. It has some of the largest companies in Thailand and it is sometimes also called “Wall Street of Thailand”. There you can get almost everything from the finished jewelry to even the loose, polished, and cut gems. It is the perfect place where you want to buy gems in Bangkok. You will also find equipment such as microscopes, tweezers, etc. Furthermore, the area has some gemological laboratories that are listed below –

  1. Gemological Institute of America
  2. GemResearch SwissLab
  3. Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences

During the weekdays precious and natural gemstone dealers in Thailand visit Silom Road to trade there; Chanthaburi manufactured stones. Here are the testing centers in this area that will help you find the right stone you want to acquire. These centers will be more than 95% correct, and they have considerable experience even with the treated stones. They will assist you in buying gemstones from Bangkok.

  1. Hung Gemological and Testing Center Co. Ltd.
  2. Tokyo Gem Laboratory Co. Ltd.

Jewellery Trade Center
The Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok is perfect for buying jewelry and gems hassle-free. It is a sky-scraper having 59-stories and is located on Silom Road. The Skyscraper was designed by Obata, Kassabaum, and Helmuth in 1996. This center is great for sourcing, selling, and distributing jewelry and gems. It is known as one of the largest centers in Asia for the gems and jewelry trade. There is an entire laboratory with all the necessary equipment the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences has set up. The building has all the main facilities such as a beauty salon, a health club, a customs office, a post office, banks, restaurants, and even residential condominiums. This makes buying wholesale gemstones in Bangkok so hassle-free. The latest construction is a huge shopping mall attached with the main building to accompany retailers with more than 100 + shops.


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Sellers in the Silom Area –

  1. Navneet Gems and Minerals (Wholesale & Retail) – 919/357, 28th Floor, JTC, Silom, Siam.
  2. American Thai – 316/3 Silom Road Bangkok 10500 Thailand
  3. Gemwow – 919/1 Jewelry Trade Center, Silom Road, Bangrak, 10500 Bangkok
  4. Thaigem jewelry – Gem and Jewelry Traders Association of Thailand, No. 919 / p119, 919 / 615-621 building’s Jewelry Trade Center 52nd Floor, Silom Road, Bang Rak, Bangkok.
  5. The Silom Galleria – 919/1, Soi 19, Silom Rd., Si Lom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
  6. Thai Native Gems – 1055/637, Silom Rd., Si Lom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
  7. Geodis Merlin – 1, Soi Phradit, Surawong Rd., Si Lom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
  8. GMDU – These are the dealers of gems and jewelry situated at 919/393 Jewelry Trade Center.

FACT – Burma’s Mogok Valley produced pigeon’s blood-red rubies and they were considered to be superior to those available in Thailand.

Gemstone and Jewellery Sellers on eBay

eBay is one of the most important portals where you get the top sellers of gemstones. These sellers are mainly into trading all types of gems. People from across the world can get a huge amount of information and they can even buy loose gems, sapphires, rubies, gemstones jewelry, etc from them. More than 90% of the gemstone traders are from Thailand and they can provide the buyers the top quality and authentic gems from their stores. Checking out the list of gemstone sellers on eBay will help you get important information on its prices. Here is some more information is given on the eBay sellers from Thailand. Here are the top sellers of various gemstones from Thailand.
48 out of 50 sellers for this keyword on eBay are from Thailand. Names of some of the top sellers from Thailand for the keyword “Loose Gemstones” are:

  • Worldcubicgems
  • Dreamygems_thailand
  • asher_gem
  • gem_better
  • universal jewel
  • last gemstone
  • worldwidegemsupplier

Ebay Gemstone Sellers from Thailand
43 out of 50 sellers for this keyword on eBay are from Thailand. Names of some of the top sellers of Wholesale Gemstones from Thailand for the keyword “Sapphire” are:

  • Argetslove
  • gems2u4ever
  • gemspointshop9
  • ploy that
  • nashcreations
  • gemstone collection
  • amylase
  • Gaultier 

Sapphire Sellers on Ebay Thailand
43 out of 50 sellers for this keyword on eBay are from Thailand. Names of some of the top buyers from Thailand for the keyword “Emerald” are:

  • Royalgemsus
  • Excellent gems
  • Exclusivegems
  • Universejewel
  • aksilverdesign2008 

Emerald sellers ebay
50 out of 50 sellers for this keyword on eBay are from Thailand. Names of some of the top buyers from Thailand for the keyword “Ruby” are:

  • Siamtkm
  • Thaigemstore
  • siam_ruby
  • extremegems
  • universejewel
  • thaigemstore
  • luckyminerals
  • ploythai
  • universejewel

Ruby Sellers from Thailand
The above research proves that Thailand has marked its presence in gemstone trade everywhere on the globe. With hundreds and thousands of retailers and wholesalers, the country has contributed massively to improving the economy. Even the world knows how wide the gemstone trade in Thailand is. You will find all the gems and jewelry sold online comes to a significant percentage from Thailand. For the past few decades and countless coming in the future will witness the brilliance of Thailand gems and a notable contribution to the nation’s economy. Perfect place for Wholesale Gemstones Thailand.

Cabochons trade in India and China

A cut stone having a rounded top in high-quality polish, absence of facets, and a base that is slightly dome in shape is a Cabochon. It is regarded as the most traditional form of gem. Why gems are cut as cabochons? The prime reason behind this is the special effects of gems such as the cat’s eye effect, asterism, adularescence, and iridescence. There are opaque gems are cut as the cabochons. They are not cut as faceted. Even the sapphires and rubies are cut as cabochons when they have translucent material in low grade. If you find that your gem is not that clean or is insufficiently transparent, even then it stands a good chance to be converted into a very beautiful cabochon. The cabochon is great due to the fact that these minor cuts cannot be much seen on a cabochon.

The two properties for which you will fall in love with it are cabs have pure color and they are very much similar to the gemstone material. They are just finished in a very simple way.
India is a big cutter of cabochons since the early nineties. The store is into trading of these with the Indian sellers such as located in Jaipur at“Gopal Ji Ka Rasta or Johri Bazaar”. Our office sells the best quality of cabochons but in the optimal cutting standards as recommended.

We also have our Cubic Zirconia that is made by cutting by the machine. The Chinese Gemstone factory is also into selling natural stones in varying sizes and the maximum size reaching up to 3mm.

FACTThere is a very small variation in the prices of Gold and diamond all over the globe when it comes to their trading.

Navneet Gems & Minerals – One stop for all wholesalers (Wholesale Gemstones Thailand)

Navneet gems are a one-stop for all the wholesalers. We are into dealing with jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones that you need. It all started in 1993 when our founder Suresh laid the foundation of Navneet Gems. He worked at the very young age of 19 with his father at his office. He dealt with gems under his father’s guidance and learned the unbeatable techniques of selecting, buying, and the basic information that was crucial in the gems trade. It was then the company received raw material from the mining industries and later the raw material was manufactured in Jaipur. And after its manufacture, the gems were exported to various parts of the globe.

We provide wholesale gemstones, and you can get these at an incredible price range. You can get the best deals on diamonds and other gems. We offer you the best quality gems and diamonds. In 2020, We are manufacturing teal sapphires, mermaid sapphires, and Parti sapphires engagement rings.  We can customize your jewelry according to your design. To get more information related to jewelry, read here:

It was then Suresh traveled across seas to expand his business, gather useful data and everything related to gems. He planned to settle down in Bangkok for further monitoring of his business. In a year, he conducts several exhibitions that cover major gems trade companies and cater to their needs by understanding their requirements and trading with them.

Here are the advantages of buying gemstones and jewelry from us –

  1. We provide wholesale gems, and you can get these at an incredible price range. You can get the best deals on diamonds and other gems. We offer you the best quality gems from our never-ending contacts from all over the globe. Supplying silver and gold jewelry is also a major part of our business to the small number of customers who need us to be a one-stop shop.
  2. Whatever gems we sell are verified by our GIA Graduate Gemologist; especially in larger pieces if individual labs are not asked for.
  3. Our staff has degrees and has enough equipment to sort and value.
  4. We are working to accomplish the “ No complaints. Only the best services” goal. Most of Navneet Gems’ reviews will portray these goals.
  5. We manufacture these: Diamonds, Semi-precious gems such as chalcedony, apatite, etc, Precious gemstones such as sapphires and rubies, Rare gems, Rough stones and performs

We are the member of the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association
NGM certificate
I hope you found this research interesting. Still, if you have any questions or queries, you can email us at for more information. Tell us your requirement and we will fulfill it. Talk to us here at +66-985498500 about your gems requirement and we will search, get and supply anything you need from us.
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