Tanzanite buying guide, beliefs and market

Tanzanite is one of most popular stone and rapidly famed all around the world. Now Tanznaite come in top blue gemstones list. It is important to know before you buy Tanzanite gemstone. There is no fix price in gemstone industry. Price is what you pay, a smart buyer buy smartly and pay a right price for a right stone.

Unheated, bicolor teal tanzanite cut at NGM, Bangkok.
                                    Unheated, bicolor teal tanzanite cut at NGM, Bangkok.

When you will read articles about TZ then you will hear a word “D block” and it is said that top quality tanzanite material come from block “D”, which is absolutely a myth. It may be that large percentage come from this that block but it will be incorrect to say only that block has top grade raw material. Infact, all poor and great material come from all (A, B, C and D) blocks. If you are post then some sellers may trick you by saying that this material is from block D and there is not any treat specific treatment to know that right block.
Loose Tanzanite

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“Tanzanite deposit is going to finish” – You will hear it a lot that soon in upcoming years. It is true at some point. Tanzanite is one of those stones which have limited mines (only have in Tanzania). All blocks has been divided in to thousands small sections and mines owners are different technique to take out the material from mines by different pace.

Mine Work TZ

“Black to blue” Tanzanite – You might be thinking what it is, when you read the title. Well, most of the tanzanite stones come in black form and after going to heating process it became permanently blue. Very few tanzanite rough stones come blue originally and they do not need any kind of heating those are “unheated tanzanite” and high in price as compare to heat ones.

Tanzanite illegal supply – Tanzanian government stopped export of tanzanite raw material over 5 carats but many owners is still exporting by illegal ways. India, China and Thailand are known as cutting and polishing hubs and miners have contact to manufacturers. Basically Tanzanian government wants to generate craftsmen job that’s why they stopped export of raw material. Tanzanian labors cannot beat expert labors from other countries because of low experience and lack of machines.

Same 4 c’s work in Tanzanite as they do in Diamond – Big size and without included tanzanite will always be pricey so basically all the factors which work in dimond, play role same in this stone.


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