Kanchanaburi sapphire mines

Kanchanaburi sapphires in a variety of different quality and color

Kanchanaburi Sapphires wholesale

Sapphires come from a dozen of different locations, each location has a particular characteristic, a trait that defines its origin. Sapphires are the hardest colored gemstone available because they are produced so close to the earth’s mantle core. The rarity of sapphires from places like Kashmir, Burma, and Ceylon have made the sapphires from Kanchanaburi, Africa (Mabella), Madagascar, and Australia quite famous in the 21st century.
Kanchanaburi sapphires are for those that love the color. Navneet Gems and Minerals love blue and color, which is why we have gone down deep into the manufacturing level of Kanchanaburi sapphires, where we supply rough, preforms, and finished stones to the local and international market. Attached is an image of the first time in 1995 when the company’s director, Mr. Suresh Agarwal, visited the mines in Bo Ploi, Kanchanaburi.

Kanchanaburi sapphire mines
Kanchanaburi sapphires at wholesale are available in all sizes and shapes. Customized shapes like the famous cushions can be cut also. Some of the images of the cushions we did cut recently are below.

Different qualities in Kanchanaburi sapphires

It’s very complicated to define which quality you would want to order over the email, which is why we have simplified this process by using this color chart.
Kan Sapphire Quality NGM

Contrasting with Thai Kanchanaburi sapphires, we have the vast majority of Australian sapphires, almost 90% by weight occur in several different shades of blue. Recently, we have Teal sapphires of varying blue, green, yellow, and bluish-green and you can read more here:https://www.navneetgems.com/wholesale-teal-blue-green-sapphires/