Swiss blue topaz preforms

Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms

For Swiss Blue Topaz buyers, Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms are now the post Rough

Swiss Blue Topaz Rough can be very expensive comparatively, so everyone started buying preforms, which when making finished sizes becomes less expensive because the weight loss is smaller compared to when you are cutting a gemstone from Rough Swiss Blue Topaz material.

Swiss Blue Preforms and RoughSwiss Blue Topaz Rough from our stock

It doesn’t get any easier than this. You simply buy the Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms according to your needs. If you want reduced costs in the manufacturing process, then you should be looking to buy the Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms and simply tell your cutters to cut them as you like. Let your creativity flow and choose whatever works for you with our help if needed.

Swiss Blue Topaz PreformsSwiss Blue Topaz Preforms 

Swiss Blue Topaz Preform Advantages

For Jewelers, Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms can be used as is, in the jewelry too. Some love the rough gems in their jewelry and Preforms are starting to be seen more in Jewelry Designers creations now in 2017.  It is said that the properties of Topaz are particularly good for artists. It gives one access to their artistic creativity, and increases ones appreciation of beauty and is said to give a person the capacity to see both the larger picture and the very minute detail yet recognizing how they interrelate.

Swiss Blue Topaz PreformsHere is one of our Charts showing our Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms 

Topaz is a favorite among Jewellery Designers due to its availability and the advantages in price as well as the hardness of an 8 on the MOHS scale. The brilliant Swiss Blue Topaz color comes from the irradiation of White Topaz Rough which takes several years to complete, as all Blue Topaz colors do. Swiss Blue Topaz is in the middle of the 3 shades of Blue Topaz as Sky Blue Topaz is a lighter blue and London Blue Topaz is a deep dark blue. The colors do not fade easily in the Blue Topaz Gemstones or in our Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms either.

Swiss Blue Topaz PreformsPictured here are Swiss Blue Topaz Rounds from our stock.

Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms are available in all sizes from 4 mm – 7 mm and in rounds, cushions, octagons,  ovals, pears, trillions and hearts up to 20 x 15 sizes and as Swiss Blue Topaz Free Size Preforms.

Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms

Swiss Blue Topaz Heart Shaped from our Expert Cutters

Care for Your Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry

Though these things are true about the hardness and stable colors, it is still important to care for your jewelry properly whether it is a finished Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry piece or made with Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms or Rough. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth for cleaning is the general rule unless otherwise advised by your jeweler. Take care not to cause chipping of the gemstones either.

Swis Blue Topaz PreformsA Swiss Blue Topaz Factory creation from our Skilled Artisans

Order Your Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms Today

Simply email us if you are ready to buy some gorgeous Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms, from us to use in your own Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry, either cut and shaped to order or as Preforms. You can find our email and other contact information on our Contact US page, including an easy-to-fill-out inquiry form and we, will respond to you with any answers to your questions or requirements to get your order started. We look forward to hearing from you.



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