Rough to Cut Sapphires

Rough Sapphire Stones in A to AAA grade

Navneet Gems and Minerals is a well-known name in the gemstones and minerals world. You will get all types of sapphire and other gemstones in our stores.

Blue Sapphire Rough
Blue Sapphire Rough

Blue Sapphire Rough
Rough Blue Sapphire

We have a chain of stores in various parts of the world where you can find our best rough sapphire products. We bring rough sapphire from various parts of the world in our factories and then these stones are cut and finished to produce desired shape and size.

So what is a sapphire stone?

  • A precious stone, the sapphire gemstone, comes from the corundum family of gemstones that also houses rubies and emeralds.
  • Sapphires are generally made of Aluminium oxide and natural sapphires may have some inclusions in them of rutile fibers. Such sapphires are very valuable are called “star sapphires on polishing”.
  • Typically when a color prefix is not added to a sapphire stone, it is assumed to be a blue sapphire stone by default. However white sapphire stones are also very popular as they look similar to diamonds and have a similar hardness to them.
  • Sapphire stones are available in a large number of colors like White, Colorless, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black, teal blue-green , and Multicolored varieties.


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Sapphire comes in different colors like blue, pink, white, teal blue-green, etc. but the most demanding is blue sapphire which comes from Madagascar, Thailand, Cambodia, and India but the top quality sapphire rough comes from Burma, Ceylon, and Kashmir. Madagascar and Tanzania have huge deposits of sapphire rough and it hasn’t been long when it was found. Mogok, Burma, and Ceylon, Sri Lanka are famous for top quality.

In 2020, We have seen a great demand for Australian Sapphires variety Teal Sapphires, Parti Sapphires, and Mermaid Sapphires. These sapphires are perfect for alternative engagement rings for those who are looking for Unique Teal and Parti Sapphire Rings Stones for their special day.

For a better understanding for choosing the Teal sapphire engagement ring, Read this article:

Now that we have talked about what are sapphire stones and where they are found, the discussion turns to sapphire stone prices. Natural blue Sapphire gemstone not only comes in a high price range but also comes in the lower range starting with 5-10$ per carat. Sapphire stone prices vary according to the place of origin, the color depth, variety, and uniqueness of the sapphire gemstone. Other factors are clarity, cut, and shape of the sapphire stone or blue sapphire stone.

The lower quality of blue sapphire comes opaque, well-cut, polished. Most of the blue sapphire is heated in the market and few pieces are unheated. Heating is not only enhances the color but also increases the quality of the sapphire. The final product has a much brighter hue and clarity Here is a chart of how heating affects the color of a blue sapphire stone.

Blue Sapphire
                              Different Colors Of Blue Sapphire

We have both rough and finished sapphire at our stores. Even if you have never purchased sapphire gemstones before, you will not find any difficulty in choosing a gemstone at our stores as we have very helpful and supportive staff ready at your service. You can ask your queries about rough sapphires and how to use them in jewelry. We can also finish and polish loose rough sapphire into the final product in the house for you in several cuts. While we typically have a few standard cuts like rounds and ovals with us at any point in time, we undertake bulk orders for unique and special cuts of sapphire done by our master craftsmen. With our large product range, you will never get confused in choosing the best one for you.

Sapphire can be available in various colors including blue, yellow, purple, orange, or green due to trace amounts of various elements like iron, magnesium, copper, etc. Though sapphire is mainly used in jewelry, because of its hardness it can also be used in many other applications such as in scientific instruments, wristwatch crystals, windows, etc. Astrologically speaking, the meaning of the sapphire stone varies from place to place. The blue sapphire stone is especially valuable especially in Navratri settings as it is believed to bring spiritual wisdom along with protection from physical harm. In the West the blue sapphire stone stands for hope, faith, and loyalty, making them extremely popular with young lovers and friends.

Loose sapphire gemstones can be a valuable asset to any jeweler as they can be used in several ways. Blue sapphire stone and white sapphire stone engagement rings have really taken off with the youth as they are cheaper than diamonds and also have fewer chances of being conflict stones. The unique range of colors with sapphires gives customers a wide range of choices, keeping them engaged with the stone in question. All in all, sapphire gemstones make for an excellent investment as they have rarely gone out of style since their discovery and their popularity seems to be steadily on the increase today. Learn more about loose sapphires by clicking here.

For more information about a sapphire stone, you can contact us at if you want to ask any questions or you want to know more about it. To buy sapphire stone online from us now, you can also avail of the Navneet Gems mobile application which will give you access to our complete collection of available gemstones. Just write to us enumerating your sapphire stone of interest and company details. An exclusive link will be sent by our executives to your email id, along with your login and password. You can now peruse our complete collection of gemstones for sale and place a direct order with us through the Navneet Gems mobile application.

Blue Sapphire
                       Blue Sapphire Before and After Heat Treatment

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