Wholesale fancy sapphires

Loose Sapphires – Are You Looking To Buy?

Are you looking to buy loose sapphires for your ring, pendant – any type of loose sapphire jewelry?

Look no further because we at Navneet Gems and Minerals are specialists in sapphire stones and house large stocks of Individual Sapphires for sale, and even Wholesale Sapphires in loose form.

Why Us at Navneet Gems and Minerals?

With close to three decades of experience in the jewelry industry, Navneet Gems and Minerals is a closed family-run enterprise. We feel immense pride and responsibility to both our customer and source in dealing with only genuine, good quality gemstones that are meant to become an incredible asset, even an heirloom in some cases, to the final customer. Therefore buying sapphires and other stones from us is an incredibly good deal as we ethically source from some of the best mines around the world and sell the final polished gemstone at a reasonable price.
To learn more about us, log onto youtube and watch this introductory video.

Why Buy from Us?

If you are interested in buying loose sapphires from a Wholesaler, then Navneet Gems is the right place. Loose sapphires are extremely versatile and can be put to several uses, especially statement jewelry like sapphire engagement rings. So, if a customer to looking for the best place to buy a sapphire engagement ring, you can become his primary lead.
The reason that we are extremely popular with jewelers, investors, and collectors all over the world is that our overheads are at a minimum when compared to our competitors. This is because we don’t sell online, and by buying from us, you can save up 20%-30% on the price tag as you are not paying retail prices, but are buying at wholesale prices, from us. Navneet, himself is a Graduate Gemologist from GIA, has a lot of knowledge about detecting treatments.
Before you proceed to buy sapphires online, the different types of Loose Sapphires for sale we have on offer are:
Different colors of Blue sapphire
The different types of Loose Sapphires we have on offer are (It will change every month as we sell often) – updated as of April 2020!

1) Big Sapphires (2 carats – 10 carats)

4 carat marquise sapphirePearshape Blue SapphireOctagon Blue sapphire Blue Sapphire CS#005

2) Medium Sized Sapphires (Caliberated – 1-4 carats)

African Blue Sapphires
3) Very Small Sapphires (Diamond Cut Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green and Multicolor sapphires in small melees)

Multi sapphire round diamond cut unheated

These are the different sizes of Sapphires above, each type of loose sapphires has different pricing, because of its size. Moreover, we have a lot of different types of Loose Sapphires on sale:

1) Multi Color Sapphire Lot (Loose)

Wholesale fancy sapphires
Multi sapphire tennis bracelets manufacturer

2) Pink Sapphire (Loose)

Pink Sapphire
Different shades of Pink Sapphire

3) Blue Sapphire (Loose) – mines include Burma sapphire, Ceylon sapphire, Kashmir sapphire, Thai Sapphire, Madagascar sapphire,  African sapphire, Australian sapphires – now very famous. Learn more by watching a video about our collection of Ceylon blue sapphire here.

4) Other Colored Sapphires (Loose): Some of our most popular loose sapphire products are the teal blue green sapphire, parti sapphires, and white sapphires, each in itself beautiful stones. 


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Here, you can check out our wholesale loose sapphires campaign with the summer sale here which allows our buyers to buy up to 5000 US$ and get 50 carats of teal sapphires for free worth a retail of 5000$. This campaign ends on the 31st of July 2021.

If you are looking to buy sapphires on sale in Loose form, or to gift someone, or to buy Loose Sapphires in Wholesale, then Navneet Gems is the right place for you to contact. Contact us immediately to meet your supply of Sapphires, without any hesitation.

You can check out here some of our most popular wholesale sapphires:


We can work on a Target Range for Price per carat, or Target price for the Wholesale sapphire stone, then we can supply you accordingly. Contact us today for sourcing your loose blue sapphires, or buy loose pink sapphires, or buy loose white sapphires.

To place an order with us just write to us at navneet@navneetgems.com where our chief gemologist Mr. Navneet Agarwal will personally answer your queries regarding how to buy sapphires and other gemstones. We will guide you regarding the best choice for your purchase, the price of your order, and the roughly estimated delivery time.

Sample Inquiry:

Customer: Hello, I am an individual looking for a Blue Sapphire, 7 carats approximately, around 100$ per carat price range, please send me photos you have with that price range, and if I like I’ll buy them from you.
Navneet Gems: Thank you for the inquiry, here I attach professional photos taken of Blue sapphire 7 carats approx @100$/carat, please select ones you want, and pay us 700$ for each sapphire you select.
Customer: Payment of 1400$ ( Two stones) made via Paypal.
Navneet Gems: You will get your 2 sapphires in approx 3 working days, here is the tracking number 1234-5678-9012
Navneet Gems is the leading supplier of Loose Sapphires, Loose Blue Sapphire, Loose Pink Sapphire, Loose Orange Sapphire, loose Multi Sapphire, Loose Wholesale Rubies.