Wholesale fancy sapphires

Why should you choose Navneet Gems for the purchase of ethical, loose teal sapphires?

Looking for wholesalers for stocking loose teal and parti sapphires? Here’s why you should consider Navneet Gems!

  • Introduction to loose sapphires or wholesale buying
  • Why should you choose Navneet Gems? 
  • Why are teal and parti sapphires ideal for loose purchases? 
  • Buying ethically mined loose teal and parti sapphires

More and more buyers are steering towards buying loose sapphire gemstones, be it for investment purposes or for making their custom jewellery. This has also ramped up their popularity in the commercial market and amid retailer jewellers. For engagement rings, modern heirlooms and milestone pieces, opting for loose sapphires certainly makes sense. Not only can you decide on the cut and clarity of the sapphire for your bespoke jewellery, but you can also opt for ethically sourced options and learn everything about the mine-to-market chain of your gems, directly from your dealer or the seller’s platform.



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At Navneet Gems and Minerals, we specialise in top-quality, responsibility-sourced teal sapphires and prioritise accurately mined and certified sapphires from Australian mines. Whether you’re looking for wholesale teal and parti sapphires in loose form or looking for timely high-value investments, loose sapphires can be the ideal purchase.

Why us?

Navneet Gems is a close-knit, family-run enterprise with close to three decades of experience in the jewellery industry. We take immense pride in dealing exclusively in genuine, certified, high-quality teal and parti sapphires that have been ethically mined and have been cut and polished at our in-house unit.

When it comes to buying loose sapphires, opting for authentic, trusted wholesalers is always a good idea. Navneet Gems’ services and line-ups are extremely popular with jewellers, investors, designers and collectors all over the world. This is because our overheads are at a minimum since we don’t sell online. So if you choose to buy loose sapphires from us, you can save up 20%-30% on the total price tag because you’re choosing to pay wholesale prices and not retail prices that come with markups.



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Our CEO Navneet Agarwal is a Graduate Gemologist from the esteemed Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is well-versed in detecting treatments and identifying market trends. Before you consider buying, explore our teal sapphires further:

Why are teal sapphires ideal?

Teal sapphires have emerged as one of the most sought-after variants owing to their overall versatility. Teal derives its terminology from the Eurasian winged duck, which has a striking blue-green stripe on its head and the sapphires display a gorgeous gradient of blue and green. Some of the most prized teal sapphires have a perfect 50-50 blue-green ratio; they are known as mermaid sapphires and can be more expensive than other blue variants, because of the rarity of this colour, especially in a seller’s stock. 



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The popularity of teal sapphires is surging in the wholesale category, owing to their huge demand in the American market. The teal sapphire’s marine-like hue has made it a coveted pick for engagement rings because it’s innately pairable. But almost every other market too has displayed a steady rise in buying preferences for teal sapphires. Buyers who appreciate the prized colouring of the Padparadscha gems, which show two colours in one stone, also see the merits of teal sapphires.


Why are parti sapphires ideal?

Parti sapphires are the latest trend in the market. They are trending because of unique gradient colors and versatility. People want something unique everytime and parti sapphires are the perfect fit for the current demand. It has a portion of major yellow with a hint of blue and green. These beautiful sapphires are originated from Australia and are ethically and sustainably sourced. It’s one of the main reasons people want parti sapphire is that it’s cost effective, unique and maintain ethical code of the society.

A tablet parti sapphire lot, Photo Courtesy-NGM
A tablet parti sapphire lot, Photo Courtesy-NGM

Buying ethical loose sapphires

When it comes to the purchase of loose conflict-free sapphires, authenticity and traceability are of utmost importance. At Navneet Gems, we advocate sustainable environmental practices, ethically mined stones, along with fair-trade practices. 

Fancy cut lot of teal sapphire

Consumer knowledge is directly linked to the marketability of any coloured gemstone at the moment and is a major indicator of ethical credibility. At Navneet Gems, we exclusively source sapphires from mining operations in Australia, where mechanical mining is prevalent and uses minimal human labour. Moreover, sapphire mining in Australia is governed by strong legislation which makes it a hub for responsible sourcing. The transparency in the mine-to-market chain ramps up the desirability of Australian teal and parti sapphires among modern buyers.

Navneet Gems works with the label’s in-house ethical cutting and polishing unit in Bangkok. This also makes it easy for the buyer (be it a jeweller, collector or walk-ins) to be able to trace the artisanal production journey of their ethically sourced teal sapphires