Energy in pyramids


When I started supplying Gemstone Pyramids at wholesale prices around last year, I started to understand the energy that these Gemstone Pyramids had and what these Crystals, whether it be Massage wands, Magic Wands, Crystal Balls, or Double terminated Crystals, all had. On this page I would like to show you how believing in something like this may change our lives.

Energy in pyramids

Today is October 2013, where this world is turning so fast, faster than ever. People (not us) don’t have time for small things and are looking to capture the bigger things in life. In such times, there are lots of negative energies around you which weren’t there in the early 21st century. Technology has made people into a “techno savior”, I don’t know how else to put those that are trapped. We love our phones, we love our lives, we love our money, but we dislike other’s phones, we dislike their money. Almost everyone has turned themselves into this, but some self-recognizable human beings who aren’t caught in this trap, perhaps you or me who have the time to read these articles of mine. In such a world, it is important to be happy, important to have time for small things, important to clear away all those negative energies that we get, either from others or self-created.

Such energy sometimes cannot come from within, we need objects to move us. We need cars to make us travel, we need the phone to help us, love, we need portable food to make us save time. We need a push, and here is a push for all those people who are either looking for a wholesale supplier of Gemstone Pyramids and other related items or who are looking to clear this negative energy by the use of these Magical gemstones, created by nature, and manufactured by a human.

How do believe in these Gemstone Pyramids?

It’s simple, tell yourself they will change your life. (They may not instantly maybe because of too high a negative energy around you, but eventually will). Tell yourself that these natural gemstones will give you a push towards a post-world, a world that doesn’t have “any” negative energy at all, may seem hard to believe, but it’s what you believe happens. This is how you probably are towards say a Rose quartz gemstone Pyramid, this may be your vision, right? (have a look at the below picture of the Rose quartz gemstone pyramid)

Most people are only focused on their own lives, not on these small things like Gemstone Pyramids that can change a life. But now see my (and perhaps you’re) vision:

The above image (Photographed by me) was taken when my mind, my heart, and my soul were fully engaged into creating this energy which was again “pushed” by these Gemstone Pyramids. These quartz gemstone pyramids come in many types, sizes, and shapes.

Semi precious stones pyramids

Different colors of Pyramids and their importance

The reader may wonder why we need so many different types of gemstones. We need them, no, but they exist and each gemstone has different powers. If you are reading this, you would be knowing that every substance has energy, and everyone transmits energy, this is the rule of science. Science tells us that energy cannot be created, not destroyed but transmitted – heard of this yeah? Why do you feel energetic when you are getting married? Why do you have tons of energy inside you after getting your first paycheck? It’s all emotions that create this energy, and emotions come from within, the cells in our body get charged up because of this “transmission” of energy. Sometimes when the energy within isn’t as high as we expect it to be, we use these Gemstone Pyramids and the different types of Crystals to provide the balance of emotions right, create positive energy by transmission, bring us good luck, and other related things that most Asians (Chinese, Indian, Thai’s) and also Americans and Europeans believe in.

Gemstone Pyramids are available in our stores (And generally) in these colors:

  • Pink (Rose quartz, Pink Topaz, Pink tourmaline)
  • Black  (Obsidian, Smoky quartz, Onyx, Spinel)
  • White (Obsidian, Agate, Crystal, Moonstone)
  • Green (Aventurine, Tourmaline, Malachite, Jade)
  • Purple (Amethyst, Jade, Fluorite, Tanzanite)
  • Blue (Obsidian, Lapis)
  • Red (Aventurine, Ruby, Garnet)

The importance of these gemstones vary. First, you need to understand the seven chakras:

This diagram created by our company (I stole it from our IT department), illustrates the different chakras and their meanings. We also have attached a picture of the different parts of the bodies that are related to each chakra, this gives a clear understanding of each part and its relation. You may take time to read this and understand the meaning and importance of it, just don’t stop and Facebook or tweet, instead share this post and let your friends and others know what you are reading and the importance of Energy and gemstone related chakras. Spread the word.

These clearly explain that each different body part has a different relation to the chakras. Now, this is what I mean, you must be curious why we need different gemstones. This is why. One medicine cannot cure all diseases, same way different gemstones may cure different chakras and energize them in different ways.

Crystals Crystals Crystals.

The reason why Crystals have always been the most powerful tool to cure someone, something, somewhere. This is the reason why many fans gift these Magical wands to other friends or colleagues or family so they can pass on this positive “white” crystal energy and transmit them to their friends.

Here is one of the best clicks I have done of Crystal Massage wands. Oh well, the next time you are massaging your friend, girlfriend, mother buy a Crystal Gemstone wand first and try to use it and ask the user how he or she felt after the massage (but make sure you read about how to massage, there is a great youtube video here of how to massage using these gemstone massage wands, but please don’t be as harsh as the person in the video, you can be softer please):

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