The Peridot is a gem that is a type of olivine which is a silicate mineral. This eye-catching gem is magnesium rich. It enjoys a high level of popularity among women of all ages from all around the globe. It is being used for many years for the ornamentation and jewelry. It is believed that it is being used since the ancient times. At those times the high quality gems were mined from Zabargad that is an island in the Red Sea. There is a group of historian who believe that these gemstones were among the most favorite and famous emeralds of Cleopatra.

Peridot Ovals
Peridot Ovals

Best Quality Loose Peridot Stones:

We can ensure the delivery of best quality loos gems and stones to all of our customers all over the world. This gemstone has a vibrant green color as its basic color with a smooth and elegant touch of gold shades. It is one of the key reasons of its fame and popularity.The Navneet Gems & Minerals is also established in Kashmir which has a huge mine of the gems that consist of high quality and brilliant color. As we are operating in Kashmir as well, so we can provide you the best quality gems including the rare ones.

Available Colors, Shapes and Sizes of Peridot:

If you want a gem that is extremely attractive and wonderful and not as known, you should definitely consider buying this eye-catching and beautiful gemstone. It has olive green hue as its primary color which is very attractive and stunningly beautiful. It is not as popular as other green gems and stones like Emerald, but still it is very popular among many people because of its unique color and great qualities.

It can be found in various different sizes. You can easily get a stone that is over 15 carats. It is being cut in different sizes and shapes as per the requirements of its usage. If it is going to be used in making of a beautiful necklace it will require different shape and size than the size and shape required in making some other types of jewelry. As we have our own manufacturing factory operating in India, so we can provide you the gemstone in any of your required size and shape. We have the gem in freesize and calibrated sizes. We have a wide range of the loose Peridot stones and can offer you the gem in the shapes of beads, briolettes, cabochons, faceted and single stones.

Loose Peridot Stones Suppliers:

The Navneet Gems & Minerals is one of the most reputed companies that are dealing in the gems. We are operating for many successful years and have huge numbers of our satisfied customers that belongs to various countries of the world. We are providing our products and services in United States, Europe, Australia, China, Middle East and many other areas. We started our journey of success in the year of 1993 and since then the company is growing more and more and it is enjoying a whole post level of reliability and trust of our customers. You can always rely on us for the availability of the loose Peridot stones in any size or shape.