blue moonstone


The Moonstone serves best in the making of various types of jewelry. It is one of the highly used gemstones all over the world. Each and every stone of this beautiful gem is totally unique. You can enjoy different beautiful gemstones in different types of jewelry.A pendant made using the gemstone may sooth your heart emotions in a better way or may a ring serve the purpose best. Its use can make any jewelry look stunningly beautiful and can get you lots of compliments in any of the parties you wear it. You can have a wide range of jewelry made with the gemstone to wear in various parties or occasions.

What Moonstone is:
It is a semi-precious gemstone which is a sodium potassium aluminum silicate.It got its name from the sheen or the visual effect that is caused by the light diffraction which occurs within s specific microstructure that consists of the feldspar layers of regular succession. It has high energy rays of blue, purple and gold that grant it the shimmering milky white energy it has. This elegant gemstone existed for many years and it has been used in different cultures and civilizations for many centuries. It is considered as the perfect expression of the yin and the bringer of the peace, calm and balance. It has soft glow of creative energy and optimism.

Available Colors of Moonstone:
The gemstone has distinct attributes and colors which are the key reasons of its high popularity. This beautiful and attractive gemstone comes in a variety of colors including the white, pink, blue, grey, red and orange. It also comes in amazing and extremely attractive rainbow color. All of the colors of this eye-catching gemstone are delightful and very feminine. It can quickly grab the attention of anyone with its attractive color and its attribute of adolescence. The gemstone can create a mystical and magical effect when the light shines upon it. We can provide you the gemstone in any of your required or preferred colors with ease and convenience.

Available Shapes and Sizes of Moonstone:
We have the gem in all sizes and shapes. We can conveniently deliver the custom gems that are cut and made according to the requirements and needs of the customers. We are offering the gem in freesize and calibrated both types. You can rely on us for buying the gems in any of your required size which starts from 2mm and goes up-to every possible big size. You can always rely on us for the receiving of high quality gems within a competitive price range.

Reliable Suppliers of Moonstone:
If you need the gemstone in any size, shape or color, you can always rely on us. We can convenient deliver any of your required quantity of the Moonstone. The Navneet Gems & Minerals are working for many years in the industry and has a vast experience of all types of gems and diamonds. We can provide you a wide range of semi-precious and precious gems and diamonds. We can even provide you various rare gems as well. We are dealing in rough stones and preforms as well. We have a team of professional and experienced staff who help us to ensure the selection of high quality gems and diamonds for our customers.

Undervalued Gemstone of 2015 (According to us)