Source Multi Color Beryl Stones – Forget Aquamarine and Morganite

Multi-Color Beryl Gemstones and Their Rise in Popularity

created beryl paraiba color
created beryl paraiba color Navneet Gems

How is it that Multi-Color Beryl is very Popular as if it is a post-Discovery?

Everyone wants to bring post stones to market to keep the public’s interest and have fresh post gems to show and to sell. This is probably true to all markets especially in gemstone jewelry for fashion.  

Before Marketing Multi Color Beryl, however, large quantities were stockpiled and once they became popular, they would increase the price and enjoy the financial gains from the increased price of their stock. 

Some shades are gaining popularity on their own, however. Pastel Beryl shades offer a more wearable and versatile take on color, and especially in Spring when such colors are more popular.  

multicolor-beryl-set-yellow-pink-blue-12 from Pailin Gemstones
          Multi-Color Beryl Gemstones in Lighter Pink and Green and Blue Colors

Yellow Beryl otherwise known as Golden Beryl or Heliodor Beryl is becoming quite popular too though not so available in the Gemstone and Jewelry Markets but one of our specialties.

golden beryl-gem-from Minerals net
 A Yellow or Golden Beryl Gemstone

Navneet Gems Manufactures Multi Color Beryl in different colors, cuts, shapes, and sizes.

We at Navneet Gems and Minerals are manufacturers of Multi-Color Beryl and can produce different colors such as Yellow Beryl, Green Beryl, and Mint Beryl. We have both Heated and Unheated Beryl in these colors and Pastel Beryl Color or Natural Beryl Color. This Beryl heating treatment started in 2016 and deepens the hues.

We can produce for you, Multi-Color Beryl Gemstones as Calibrated Beryl Stones in Rounds and with Trillion Cuts or Cushion Cuts or Heart Cuts and from 3mm to 8mm sizes. Also, we produce these Fancy Beryl Colors in Ovals, Pears, and Octagon shapes and from 4×3 to 8×10 sizes. We manufacture the Beryl Gemstones for you in Pastel Unheated Beryl and in Heated Beryl with the deep darker shades of Yellow Beryl or Gold Beryl Gems, Green Beryl Gems, and Mint Beryl Gems.

pale green beryl

A Pale Green Beryl 

When you wish to place an order with us for your choice of the Multi-Color Beryl, our minimum order amount is $1000 and we always make sure your order is complete and just as you ordered it and can send photos before shipping your gemstones to you, by email if you like. We sell wholesale and have many satisfied long-term clients around the world. We have in place Quality Control at our Factories and here in the head office for the final inspection and shipping.

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Ordering Multi Color Beryl Gemstones

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