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Bangkok Gem Scam?

Bangkok Gem Scam or Media Scam?

While it’s a known situation that in Mega Cities like post-York, Bangkok, London, post-Delhi, and so on, you might get scammed. For any Big City Scam, like a post-York Super Hero Scam or a Bangkok Gem Scam, if you are a foreigner who doesn’t know what is or isn’t available (Bangkok Information) where you are then you are more likely to be targeted. If you are greedy, then you are even more likely to fall victim, not to say that all scam victims are greedy but it plays into it.

Bangkok Gem Scampost York

Since big city scams like a Bangkok Gem Scam or a Goa Gem Scam, are something known to occur, then it’s not only become an opportunity for the scammers to copy doing it, but also for the media to make a big story out of a Bangkok Scam 2015, especially if it needs to run on Prime-Time TV, even if it’s old post. We all know that Social Media has a habit of rehashing old stories or even fake stories going viral. And bloggers? Well we need to write about something.

All that said, if maybe it has happened and maybe it is still a problem of an extensive network of scammers. Buyer beware? Going on a vacation and touring Buddhist temples? Practice some Buddhist principles. Don’t take part in a get rich Bangkok Gem Scam or in one of the “Three Poisons” and don’t listen to the salesman or your post friend selling you a moneymaking opportunity, today and today only…  “Mai Krap, KopKhun Mah Krap, Pom Chop, Krap”. (no sir, thank you much sir, I am good sir) and get educated.

Another point of great DeBeers Diamond debacles or a Bangkok Gem Scam is that greedy people sometimes gain positions of power and take part in such things. Others may not be greedy but take part in a way by not acting fully to stop it. Have you ever heard of someone “laying low till this blows over”? then doing it again? Greed and even blood money is still a big problem in the world at large and gems can be a part of that. If it happens that a scam works then it’s likely to happen again. So again don’t shop for gem deals at the tourist heavy, beautiful Buddhist Temples in Bangkok but go to a Thai Gem Store in the Jewelry Trade Center here on Silom Road (use a meter taxi to go there, and not to his friend’s place).

Bangkok Gem ScamThe Jewelry Trade Center Tower at Night

Buying only from reputable sources that buy only from ethical sources is important too. We have been in business for 20 years here, supplying Jewelry Businesses and the Industry with our Wholesale Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones and Jewelry, locally and worldwide, and those are a lot of return customers that we supply regularly. You don’t get that by scamming people. Buy Blue Sapphires or any other gemstone from us on the 31st floor and then go up to the AIGS Lab, on the 48th floor or the GIL Lab or the GIA testing laboratory nearby and get them verified and certified. If you are given a certificate when you buy from others, look at the date and there should be several colors in the type and graphics, not just a black and white copy, such as this certificate image.

Bangkok Gem ScamA Ruby Gemstone Certificate from GRS Lab

Feel safe in knowing that with customers giving good reviews as you can see on our website and on we don’t need a Bangkok Gem Scam here, just more of our long term and happy clients. Visit our website post and the products pages and our YouTube Channel, if you would like to learn more about how to select gemstones properly on quality or color and so on and for general gemstone knowledge to better prepare you for your next purchase from a Graduate Gemologist from GIA (Carlsbad, USA). You will see our Gemstones Online and can contact us to order any Wholesale Gemstones from our site.

Bangkok Gem Scam

If you have any questions about us or our business or to inquire about ordering from us or even to visit us here in Bangkok, then please use the Contact Us link above and we will respond to your inquiries promptly.