Etiopian Emerald

Ethiopian Emeralds

Ethiopian Emeralds

Ethiopian Emeralds are a beautiful post jewel in the international Precious Gemstones and Jewelry Markets and we are here to tell you a little about these post-green beauties, the post-Emerald from Ethiopia.

Toward the end of 2016, some Ethiopian Opal guys started selling Ethiopian Emeralds instead and we thought they were just trading up to make more money, swapping Opals for Emeralds. 

Etiopian Emerald                                                                              Rough Etiopian Emerald

Then in 2017 when we had our Navneet Gems and Minerals booth at the Tucson Gems and Minerals Show  (and will be there again for the next JOGS show) our Jaipur, India gemstone and jewelry factory started getting calls for Ethiopian Emerald Rough. We quickly flew to Ethiopia and bought many kilos of emerald Rough-in medium to fine quality.

gem and jewelry show bkk Navneet Gems
Our booth at the Bangkok Gem Show and we do many of these Gem Shows to connect to more clients.

What do Ethiopian Emeralds look like?

Ethiopian emeralds resemble Columbian Emeralds but are still priced 30-40% less than Columbian Emeralds are. This is a nice low price and considering our overhead costs we can surely give you the best price and quality in the market for this Emerald from Ethiopia in bulk. To many people, the Wholesale pricing we provide is unknown for these Ethiopian Emeralds. However, this may be a temporary price, read on, please…

At the Navneet Gems factory in Jaipur, we are manufacturing all sizes, shapes, and cuts of Ethiopian Emeralds. Including single pieces from 1-5 carat lots. We are not currently retailing with single-piece sales, but are mostly selling in “lots” of Ethiopian Emeralds bulk.

The Country of Ethiopia is famous for its Opals, but this post mine has opened doors for Ethiopians.

In the International Gemstone Market, Opals are quite slow now and the Ethiopian economy was not benefiting as much from the mines with the slump in the market for Opals. This post-Ethiopian Emerald discovery will contain the price gap only until the real value of these Emeralds is known, which will surely benefit some Ethiopians and more mines may open to looking for more Ethiopian Emeralds.

Emerald Map Sourcing Navneet Gems
                                                          Emerald Map Sourcing Navneet Gems

Here is a Chart we made which shows where in the world, this beautiful gemstone is found.

Mostly all Ethiopian Emeralds are manufactured in Jaipur, India, including in our factory there too. Currently, up to 25 kilos is being manufactured though and with custom orders for our customers of 4×3,5×3,5×4,6×4 sizes. Bigger pieces are less available in large quantities, to be supplied consistently, from our Ethiopian Emerald Manufacturer in Jaipur.

 We would love to hear from you and you can use the Contact Us Link here or above in the Menu Bar and ask us any questions about the ordering and for quotes but please consider including the specific of cut, size, shape, quality, quantity and if you need single or calibrated Ethiopian Emerald Gemstones.

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon.