Morganite Wholesale semi preciousThe Morganite is a type of Beryl and it is also called Pink Beryl, Cesian Beryl and Pink Emerald. It has the light pink to rose color which is considered very rare. It also has the varieties of yellow and orange. The color bandingof the gemstone is common. In order to remove its yellow patches, it is heat treated in routine. In order to improve the color, it can also be treated by the irradiation. Its pink color is accredited to Mn2+ ions. All of its varieties are highly liked and appreciated and these are widely being used all over the world.

History of the Morganite:
The Pink Beryl was discovered in 1910 on an island of Madagascar. The discovered gemstone was consisted of a good size and fine color. The largest gem of this specimen that is ever discovered was found on the 7th of October in 1989. It was found at the Bennett Quarry, Maine United States. Eventually it was named the rose of Maine. It actually was orange in hue andit weighed over 23 kg and was almost 12 inches across and 9 inches long.

morganite Colors
Morganite Colors Chart

Available Shapes and Sizes of Morganite:
We always have a huge regular stock of the Pink Beryl in wholesale freesize and calibrated sizes. The freesize can be provided in limited sizes and shapes. We can also deliver the gem in its rough form in any of your required quantity. It is a semi-precious gemstone that has an amazing pink hue which is irreplaceable. There is no other gem available that has the same pink hue as this particular gemstone. You can get the Pink Beryl in any calibrated size. We can provide you any of your required size including the hard to find big sizes.You can get it in the forms of beads, cabochons, faceted and singe stones.

Morganite Color Chart
Morganite Color Chart

Competitive Prices for Morganite:
We are providing our quality products and services for many years. We have our factories in Thailand as well as in India which help us to fulfill the demand of the high quality gem. It is a semi-precious gemstone that is manufactured in Thailand. Because we have our manufacturing factory in Thailand, we can offer you the gemstone at a competitive price. Our prices are directly derived from the source, which helps us to offer the amazing prices for the highly quality and color gems to our customers at wholesale. If you need a wholesale supplier, you can always count on us for the delivery of large quantity of these gems.

Our love with peach continues – the combination stone of pink and orange forming these peach morganites are a perfect imitation of the highly rare Padparadscha sapphires that are super rare in these sizes and expensive too. The combination of two or more colours are the next new thing, the millennials are going through a transformation to new colours and new combinations of gemstones.

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