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Blue Topaz

Navneet Gems is a Wholesale supplier, manufacturer of Blue Topaz, contact us for any Blue Topaz requirements.

Our factories in Thailand produce all the different shades of Blue Topaz; Sky, Swiss, and London.

How is Blue Topaz formed?

Most of the Loose Blue Topaz in the market are not a natural color. Natural Blue Topaz comes very pale, weak, and very expensive because of its natural properties. The most common Blue Topaz found in Wholesale quantities are irradiated. Topaz comes in the form of White topaz, naturally, which is further enhanced into the three shades of Blue Topaz, Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, and London Blue Topaz. These last two shades are irradiated using two treatments: Firstly the Neutron Treatment, and then the Electron Treatment, to give it deeper and darker colors of Blue Topaz. However, Sky Blue Topaz is only treated using the Neutron Treatment which takes only around 2-3 weeks.


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Where is Blue Topaz mined?

Brazil is the sole country at the moment which is supplying 60-70% of the Calibrated and Freesized White Topaz in the market, because of many factors. The biggest two reasons being price and availability, which are found in millions of carats in the Mines in Brazil. Other countries where Blue Topaz is mined include Pakistan, India, China, the USA, Srilanka, Thailand. The most expensive Topaz comes from Srilanka, and the USA though. They have extremely nice colors, that is after treatment, and forms beautiful colors compared to Brazillian Blue Topaz.

Why is Blue Topaz so famous?

The factors that make Blue Topaz (Semi-Precious Stone Category) so famous are Low Price, High Availability, Importance of different shades, Unique Blue Hues of Color. The low price and high availability go along together, as they are interlinked, high availability means high supply, which obviously makes Blue Topaz very affordable.

Suppliers of Blue Topaz

There are many suppliers of Sky Blue Topaz in the market today, however, there are few Manufacturers of Swiss and London Blue Topaz, because for a few reasons. The main reason because the procedure of Treatment of Topaz is quite lengthy. Manufacturers have to invest in White Topaz and wait for 2-3 years for the color to change into Swiss and London. Moreover, the unpredictable demand in this Blue Gemstone, makes it quite difficult for Wholesalers of Topaz to predict and supply the demands. Navneet Gems & Minerals through supplies to many customers worldwide on a Wholesale basis, in bulk, our Buying of White Topaz is consistent with selling, and we have a very big investment in Topaz. So if any of you are looking for a long-term supplier, who is consistent then you know you can always contact us.

Buying Blue Topaz from us

If you are looking to buy Blue Topaz, or Buy Loose Blue Topaz Gems, or Source this Wholesale Semi Precious gem, then Navneet Gems is the answer to your quest. We have all the different shapes, sizes, designs, cuttings available for Blue Topaz, in stock. As well as Freesized Blue Topaz, in all three shades. All you have to do is give us an email at and tell us how many pieces (quantity), along with the size and the shape requirements you have. We will get back in touch with us you ASAP. Or if you want to ask ANYTHING at all about Blue Topaz, we’ll share our views and thoughts about that too.

For Topaz gemstones at wholesale prices, then Navneet Gems is the place for you!

We have different varieties of Topaz like pure colorless Topaz and transparent but usually tinted by impurities. We have different shades of blue topaz available at our store. Check out our blue topaz color chart at:×288.jpg

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