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Gemstones-Manufacturer is a Gemstone manufacturer from Thailand, with its factories in India and Thailand. Please email us for a quote at

We are a Gemstone Manufacturer producing High-quality colored gemstones including Semi-precious and Precious gemstones at Wholesale prices, for Jewellery companies and Gemstone distributors.

Gemstone manufacturing Navneet Gems

Our company’s brand name has been continued by our current Manager & Director, Mr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal. Our quality gems, individually crafted by our experts go straight into Jewellery pieces, that make records. Serving much of the western Gemstone markets are our Gems, which are known for the sparkle, that every woman expects when she buys a piece of Jewellery.

We have been a Gemstone Manufacturer since the year 1993, when our company Navneet Gems, was opened. Since the opening, a lot of things have changed. Started on a small scale, now growing our product line to almost all possible countries, we supply our products to many parts of the world, with bigger manufacturing of gemstones. Gemstone manufacturing wasn’t and isn’t an easy business to do, it has its own dilemmas, of buying Rough gems at the right prices, with the same consistent quality, along with manufacturing complications of labor, machinery, inventory.

Navneet Gems is one of the best leading Gemstones manufacturers & supplier companies & online gemstone suppliers of Loose Gemstones, Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstones, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, many more.

Our factories are producing High-quality Wholesale semi-precious stones, not just that, we also have a huge array of Wholesale Precious stones, which are manufactured in our factory in Chantaburi, which is a hub for Precious stones such as Wholesale Ruby, Wholesale Sapphire (Teal sapphire, Parti Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, White Sapphire). We also have Wholesale tanzanite as another product that typically comes under semi-precious stones, but is valued as high as most Precious gemstones.

We look forward to buyers belonging to various categories coming to our site and buying stones of their choice. Shopping with us is an easy procedure and the customers can buy 24*7.

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Our products especially include: Wholesale Amethyst, Zambian Emerald, Drusy, Citrine, London Blue Topaz, Wholesale Pink Sapphire, Topaz, Cabochons, Wholesale Tanzanite, Precious Stones (Ruby, Sapphire) Many of these gems cannot be bought over the internet, because they are expensive Gemstones, and quality issues will always be there. So it is best to get a supplier (Like us), contact details and contact them with exact details of your required gemstone, and start with a small 200-300 dollar Gemstone order, and then build the trust from there onwards.

We are a Wholesale Semi-precious stones company, along with a Gemstone Manufacturer, who produces Precious stones as well in Thailand, where 90% of the people have their manufacturing for Precious gemstones.
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