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Wholesale Sapphire

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier of Wholesale Sapphire, then you are in right place. You can buy Wholesale Sapphire from Navneet Gems and Minerals at wholesale prices.

Sapphire is a precious gemstone that is available in many colors like Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, yellow, teal, bluish-green, and Orange. You can buy Wholesale Sapphire from us in all shapes and sizes. We are the manufacturer of Sapphire. We manufacture them in our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand.


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In 2020, we have a vast variety in the unique colors of sapphires that have been very popular for us. We are a manufacturer of Australian sapphires (In particular the Teal sapphires and Parti Sapphires), these types of sapphires represent the blue-green and yellow variety of sapphires which come from other sources such as Madagascar, Montana and also Thailand.  Teal sapphire is the sapphire color of 2020 – check out the video here. 

Wholesale Loose Teal and Parti Sapphire
Wholesale Loose Teal and Parti Sapphire

You can write to us to buy Wholesale Sapphire at and you can place your order via email as well. For more information about it, you can browse our website.

Our great team of expert craftsmen works hard for the satisfaction of our clients. They use to advance and latest technology to glaze Sapphire gemstone for our clients. We have highly qualified professionals who help our craftsmen in the design.

Wholesale Sapphire Wholesale Pink Sapphire

You can save 30-50% of your money if you buy Wholesale Sapphire from us because we are one of the biggest wholesale suppliers and manufacturers of Sapphire and we import Sapphire crystals and rough directly from the places where they are mined mainly.

The available shapes of Wholesale Sapphire at our store are round, pear, teardrop, cushion-cut drop, marquise drop, oval, flat fancy, nugget drop, rough drop, rough needle, side drilled stick, needle center drilled, needle drop, slice drop, faceted oval, strip faceted tube, faceted Rondell, rough chips, faceted slab, rough chunky, triangle tube, flat trapezoid, heart, beveled cube, wheel, etc.

If you want to buy Wholesale Sapphire at an affordable price, then you can contact us at