Multi Rose cut Sapphire

Rose Cut Sapphires

Looking for a manufacturer of Rose Cut Sapphires from Thailand?

Navneet Gems is a supplier of Rose Cut Sapphires, in Mermaid Sapphires, Teal, Bi-Color, Pink, Blue, and Multi-Colored Rose Cut in sapphires. The Rose cut has triangular facets on the face and has a very thin height, to utilize maximum sapphires out of the sliced rough of Sapphires.

sapphire rose cut rose cut blue sapphire rose cut sapphires rose cut sapphires

Rose Cut Sapphires manufacturing is not a very easy thing to do, but that’s when our skilled workers come into play. We stock all sizes and shapes in Rose-cut sapphires. It is cut at our own factory so we can customise size as per our client’s requirements. Our manufacturing is completing orders for Rose cut gemstones, especially Australian Teal sapphires, to many companies, especially in Europe, United States, and Australia.


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wholesale rose cut sapphire

Blue Rose Cut Sapphires
Blue Rose Cut Sapphires

pink, white, yellow, blue rose cut sapphire

buy rose cut sapphire

rose cut sapphiresGeometric Fancy Rose Cuts sapphire rose cut
                                                                           Geometric Fancy Rose Cuts

Apart from the color, weight, or origin of a Sapphire, the cut is one of the major intricacies people focus on. Today experts have come with such intricate gemstone cuts that were unimaginable decades ago. With changing times people want to see something new everytime.

The quality of our rose-cut sapphires is usually clean, without many inclusions, however, we do produce cheap quality Sapphires, that are mainly used in commercial Silver Rings/ Bracelets, Necklaces. But our main stock is for Good quality rose-cut sapphires.

The Rose Cut is one of such and is certainly a luxurious choice for those who like the road less traveled. Whether you are in search of a delicate rose-cut mermaid sapphire on a sophisticated or wholesale parti sapphire in this exquisite cut, Navneet Gems has it in store for you. Some other cuts you’ll come across are round, pear, step, brilliant, mixed cuts, and more. Whichever the kind, orange, peach, blue or teal sapphires, the cut of sapphire is such that it will evenly shine from each angle and it solely depends on the cutter’s expertise. 

Rose-cut has gotten very famous recently, especially after the Economic crisis in 2009, which persists, and because of the sapphires made in rose cuts, are very light and look very classy as they give a totally different and post look to the sapphires.

Please contact us if you are looking for a Wholesale supplier of sapphires in Rose cuts or you can email us on You can also follow us on instagram for daily updates @navneegemscom


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