Wholesale fancy sapphires

Fancy Cutting Gemstones Available Here For Buy

Looking for Half Drilled, Full Drilled, Faceted, Concave, Checkerboard & Cushions for Semi Precious Balls, Drops, Ovals, Rounds And Many More?

Navneet Gems And Minerals, has been providing all sorts of cuttings and drills, whether it be Half Drilled, Full Drilled, Faceted, Concave, Checkerboard Or Cushions. We have all these cuttings available for all shapes and sizes. In this competitive jewellery industry we see at the moment, competitors are looking for post designs and cuttings to attract more customers.
whisky quartz drops

green color stones drops faceted

Thus, the way to approach this is to find post cuttings. And we Navneet Gems & Minerals are innovative at providing solutions for the Jewellery Industry.

Due to increasing trend in gemstones industry, designers are mixing different cuttings in their jewelry pieces. We are wholesale supplier of gemstone beads and making different cuttings at wholesale prices. We are doing all normal cut to fancy cut designs in our unit.

So please do not hesitate any further to contact us and let us know what sort of cutting or drills you are looking for. And if you want something innovative, let us know. We have all sizes and shapes available. So what are you waiting for? Place your order right and see your goods on your table within 1 week!