God painting cabs

Tanjore work or paintings on cabochons8

Cabochons are no more just simple cabochons. The creativity of gemstone artists clearly reflects in art made on cabochons. India is known for the best quality handmade work whether it is the textile or gemstone market. Jaipur (Rajasthan) is particularly known in India for semi-precious gemstone cabochons manufacturing. I went around the different corners of the city (Jaipur) and found many people making different arts on cabs.

  1. Painting on cabochons – YES, it is true. When first I saw it, I didn’t even believe that it was handmade. For a local market (India), they are taking pictures of gods,  (Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha), goddesses, saints, and creative designs for the export market. It needs a good experience to make art like this.  When it comes to prices then it depends on the size of the stone. Small sizes below 3 cm cost 1 USD approximately and big sizes cost around 2 USD to 5 USD depending on size. They put the lamination after finishing the art to protect it from dust and scratches. This art stays longer over years and years if normal precautions have been taken.close look of tanjor art
  2. Tanjore works on cabs – People from the United States, the United Kingdom are less like the painted cabs and they more prefer Tanjore art cabochons like pictures. Crystal Polki is used in this art which is a classical Indian painting style and originated from the town Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu, South India). Supplier makes designs as per customers’ requirements (using real polki or crystal polki). It is widely used in Jewelry and it captures the good market because of its low prices and elegant appearance.
    tanjor work pendants art tanjor work pendants
    Cufflinks made of these cabs in ethical wear look aesthetic. If you are looking for a Christmas gift or gift on any other occasion then it can be considered.

Ever wondered how Gemstone paintings are made? Check out this infographic here:
How gemstone paintings are made