Azurite is combination of two cooper carbonate minerals which are green (malachite) and blue in colors. It depends on rough; sometimes both minerals come in one stone also. This is not a new stone, it is popular for many years. This stone resembles chrysocolla and lapis. When we talk about chemical and physical properties then it is fairly soft stone with hardness of 3.5 to 4 on mohs scale and specific gravity of 3.7 to 3.9 with opaque appearance. Etymology of this stone comes from Persian word “lazhward”

Azurite cabochons

This stone is mostly cut in cabochon (smooth) cut. Azurite is not so familiar with heat so it should not be heated when fitting in jewelry, all process should be done on normal temperature. Top quality (collector’s quality) comes with vivid blue with mix green.

This stone is found at many locations; United States of America, Mexico, Austrailia and others. Navneet Gems has manufacturing all free size to calibrated cabochons in this stone and supplying all around the world. Every piece manufactured by our company, is well cut and polished.