Moldavite is green color natural gemstone which is also known as ‘Bouteille’ and ‘Vltavin’. There are many types of green stones available in market but this stone in different from all those. This stone belongs to natural glass rock family. When you will look at this stone then your first impression will be that it is an artificial stone. It was introduced as ‘chrysolites’ and later after more research it was named ‘moldavite’. There are so many different grade specifications in this stone; either comes in regular grade or auction grade. Top grade (auction) moldavite is known for their unique pattern and good transparency.

Wholesale moldavite

It is not easy to find this stone. Regular gemstone suppliers do not keep the stock of this gem. It is pale to dark olive green gemstone which comes with 5.5 hardness on mohs scale and 2.32 to 2.388 refractive index.

Information about color, cut, shape and clarity of Moldavite
As stated above, this stone comes in olive green to forest green color. Only material that comes from Moravia, comes in brown-green color (less preferred). Ideal color of this stone is light to medium green with good transparency. Transparency is proportional to price. Opaque to translucent material is available in market for sale. NavneetGems is well known company, cutting all moldavite stones in their factories.

Moldavite is available in various cut and shapes. It is different from other semi precious stone. It is used in rough form, very rare moldavites are cut in faceted. Oval, Round and Pear are regularly running shapes in this stone.  It is made of Silicon dioxide + aluminum oxide with amophous crystal structure. We are known for our maintained quality and reasonable prices.

Moldavite Gemstone Jewelry design and protection –
Moldavite needs little care as compare to other stone. Make you sure you do not clean the jewelry by using any chemical that can affect the gemstone. Excessive heat is also bad for this stone jewelry. You can use soft cloth with little soap and water to clean this.

Moldavite pendant

Moldavite Area Map