Wholesale Charoite Cabochons

Wholesale Charoite Cabochons

Charoite is a combination of phosphorus, calcium, and sodium minerals. It is not a very old gemstone. It was introduced in 1980 on a commercial level. Charoite Gemstone is one of the best gemstone materials in the purple color region, other natural purple color gemstones are amethyst, purple sapphire, and others which are higher in price. The color range of this stone varies from light lavender to strong purple. The pattern also plays a vital role. An ideal Chariote Stone comes with deep purple color and feather pattern all over the stone.

If a Charoite Stone is well cut and polished then it shows a chatoyancy effect as well. Some people doubt its natural presence due to its unbelievable appearance. You will not see this purple stone often in every gemstone seller’s list because it has a limited supply. Charoite hardness is good enough to wear similar to other stones like lapis, seraphine, and turquoise.

Origin and sources
Charoite was first discovered at Chary River and it became the reason for its name. Siberia is a well-known source of this stone. Charoite formation happens by deposits of limestone which is undertaken by heat, pressure, and some chemicals, this is a common process.

Wholesale Charoite cabochons; color, grade, cut, and uses in jewelry
COLOR – As we mentioned above about the color of this stone, ranges from vivid lavender to deep purple. This stone itself. Some may also have black, green, and orange streaks as a result of trace agents of colored impurities.

Wholesale Charoite Cabochons come opaque to translucent, top quality charoite comes completely violet. You will find brown and white spots in commercial grade. When chatoyancy, color, and translucency appear in one piece then it is called an ideal one. More than 90% rough is cut in the smooth cut because it does not look as good as it looks in a cabochon/smooth cut. You can see the chart to understand the QUALITIES. When it comes to shaping then oval, pear is the most popular but free form shapes are also preferred. Many designers are making jewelry that are with calibrated ovals, round, pear cuts, and others.
Chariote cabochons
As with others stones, there is a big price gap between calibrated and free size. Mostly, free-size chariot cabochons start from 20mm and go up to 70mm and up. The price range starts from 0.30 USD per gram and goes up to 1 USD per gram.

The Meaning of Charoite and its Healing Role 
This gem is called the ‘stone of strength, power, and transformation’. Many healers are using this stone to treat people, and it is even used in rehabilitation centers.

Jewelry Ideas and Protection of Charoite stones
The Wholesale Charoite Cabochons are comparatively softer than other stones so it is not suited for all types of jewelry designs. Although it can be used in most of the designs. The user needs to be a little careful if he/she is using this stone in jewelry regularly. It is ideal for pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Jewelry is designed in such a way that stones do not come out and stay inside the setting.

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