Suresh Agarwal

Managing Director

Then Suresh Agarwal traveled to different parts of the world, in search of good business opportunities. First he landed in the United States (the big hub and eventual consumer market of Jewellery), then Europe, and then Japan but he settled in Germany where business in those days was booming due to strong governance and great economy. Also Germany used to at one time and to some extent still is, one of the most important Gemstone cutting hubs. German’s are still exhibiting in the major Gem Shows today where buyers of their fine Gemstone cutting go nowhere else but to them.

After a few years of excellent growth he planned to shift to Bangkok where he could monitor his business and finally settle down somewhere close to his home country of India. The 59 story building adds a chapter to how this building, The Jewelry Trade Center, has been the home to Navneet Gems and Minerals for over 10 years now.

Since then he never looked back and now Navneet Gems & Minerals exhibits at six jewellery shows a year, but it covers our major markets and we are able to give quality time to our customers who are rest assured at having us as their supplier for all types of Gemstones.

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