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Wholesale Silver Jewelry with Gems compared with other types of jewelry

The main attraction of any gemstone jewelry is that gemstone that is front and center, being shown off by the surrounding smaller gems – if there are any – and the metal that comprises the piece of jewelry be it a ring, bracelet, necklace, etc. Wholesale gemstone silver jewelry is some of the most unique jewelry you will find on the market today and because you can get pieces with a gemstone to match every outfit, you will quickly have a growing collection of gems silver jewelry to show off your own personal style as well as accentuate your already fashionable wardrobe. This article is meant to show you what types of gemstone 925 jewelry are popular as well as what other types are available, and what you should wear to showcase your personality. Wholesale silver jewelry is an affordable way to build your collection of beautiful, accentuating pieces to add to any wardrobe, and each will be unique with different gemstones.

wholesale silver jewelry of blue topaz

Types of Jewelry in 2016

There are many popular types of jewelry for 2016, including plain silver jewelry and plain gold jewelry, plus plain platinum jewelry. These types of jewelry don’t use any stones or gems to add value or design elements but instead use engraving, cutouts, intricately cast, or smithed designs in the metal to create a unique look. Fine diamond jewelry usually uses a simple design with one larger diamond as a centerpiece or a more complex design that has multiple smaller diamonds arranged in a unique and eye-catching pattern.


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Synthetic stone jewelry showcases beautiful stones that are usually set in brass or steel (or some other cheaper metal) that can show off the stone and not detract from it. Stone 925 jewelry is common because of the value the customer gets and the ability they have in offering a wide variety of styles to their consumers as well. Finally, there is gemstone jewelry. Gemstones can be set in almost any metal, such as gold, silver, steel, brass, etc. The most common is silver, once again, because of the value that it offers to wholesalers, who can then pass that along to their consumers.

Wholesale silver jewelry, whether plain or inclusive of gemstones, has been highly prized in 2016 and very on-trend. The trends don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon and we believe this will continue for many years as the sales of wholesale silver jewelry continue to rise.

2016's best wholesale gemstone silver jewelry

Plain Silver Jewelry: Where It’s Made & the Benefits of It

Whole silver 925 jewelry, especially most plain silver jewelry, is made in Thailand and China, with a small portion of it being made in Turkey. Take the Pandora company, for instance, that makes its silver jewelry in Thailand. Much of the wholesale silver jewelry made by my Pandora goes through the supply chain to end up in the US. Most design work for silver jewelry these days is done in Korea, so if you want to look for the latest trends that are coming out and will be soon headed your way, that is where you want to keep your eye.

Silver jewelry is highly adaptable to nearly all outfits as the grey-ish color can accentuate or blend in with nearly all colors you may be wearing depending on how you’d like to style yourself that day. If you are wearing bright colors, the silver jewelry may blend in more. However, if you are wearing more subdued colors, then the flash of silver will probably be seen. If you are wearing neutral or natural colors, or are wanting to wear plain jewelry that may offer a pop more color while still having a plain design, you can always choose plain gold jewelry, which we look at next.
Wholesale silver jewelry that is plain, without gems, can be a way to show off your style every day with your own signature piece. Perhaps you never even take it off. Finding wholesale silver jewelry plain is not very difficult as most bands these days are plain or are decorated without gems and are available for both men and women.

Plain Gold Jewelry: Who Wears It & Popular Designers

Not only is plain gold jewelry very popular the world over, but it can also have a very special meaning in certain cultures who wear it for symbolic reasons. This is mostly the case for South Indians and North Indians who wear it. It holds a very special place in Indian weddings for several reasons, including the value of the gold helps protect the financial security of the daughter as she goes off to be married and it is a financial investment from the parents into the children’s marriage when they are first starting, it is a lucky omen for the bride to be wearing gold as she enters a post home, and during the marriage ceremony gold brings the blessings of Lakshmi.

Gold jewelry is not just important to Indians; however, this is one example where culture has deemed gold an integral part of life. But who designs and makes a lot of this gold jewelry? Many Italian jewelry designers are famous for their work with gold. Some of the names you might recognize are Marco Bicego, Buccellati, Roberto Coin, and Stefano Oro.

Plain Platinum Jewelry: Where It’s Made & Key Demographics on Consumers

Plain platinum jewelry is usually made into one of three styles of jewelry: rings (especially engagement or wedding rings), pendants, or earrings. Platinum is popular with many who cannot use lower grades of silver or gold without allergic reactions, as platinum is hypoallergenic. However, it is much more expensive than most silver, gold, or simple surgical steel jewelry that you can buy which makes it a long-term investment. Platinum jewelry, even when purchased wholesale, is something to save for and buy something that you know is what you want because it’s something you will most likely keep for a very long time, and perhaps even pass down to the next generation, unlike much of the wholesale silver jewelry and gold pieces that can be traded or sold to get something post or to cash in quickly. Platinum is something to keep.

The manufacturing of jewelry made of platinum has traditionally been done in Asian countries, and in recent years has shifted to Thailand where a lot of jewelry making is happening today. This shift has seen a slow increase in quality over the last few years as well as the ability to get higher quality, custom, platinum jewelry.

Diamond Jewelry: Where Diamonds Are Cut & What the Differences Are

Do you know the process of finding diamonds and then where diamonds go from there to end up on your finger, around your wrist, or hanging from your neck or ears? The following is a list of the steps taken by nearly every diamond in the world before it gets to a consumer:
wholesale diamonds manufactured into silver jewelry
Most diamond jewelry is set in gold, however, diamonds are universal and can be in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or even high-quality body piercings that feature a real diamond instead of just a cheap crystal glued onto it. The diamond is even the birthstone for April.

While most of the jewelry that contains diamonds is made in India and Thailand, the diamonds usually come from either Mumbai or Surat, which are hubs for Diamond cutting.

Mumbai is more of an international market for selling loose diamonds to neighboring countries that use them to make their own jewelry who may then wholesale those pieces out to consumers. The countries that Mumbai typically sells to include: Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and China. However, there are others.
Surat is where most of the manufacturing of diamonds takes place. They tend to specialize in fancy-rated diamonds, black diamonds, CVD, and other things that would make a diamond rare or top quality.

There are over 500 diamond dealers in Bangkok alone that work with designers and manufacturers of jewelry in Thailand, so there are a lot of options for these designers and manufacturers when it comes to getting a good quality diamond for a competitive price.

Please see the graphic below to learn more about where diamonds go after being processed in Mumbai and Surat and going through the dealers in Bangkok.

Diamond Consumotion by Country

Brass Jewelry: Beautiful for a While, But Worth It?

Because brass jewelry designs are usually bulkier and heavier (brass isn’t conducive to thinner, lightweight designs), the process for creating these pieces is very labor-intensive and India has the cheapest labor when it comes to making jewelry in the world. It only makes sense that labor-intensive jewelry would be made where labor is inexpensive so that the price of the jewelry doesn’t skyrocket.

However, because the brass is so heavy, and because it wears down so quickly and doesn’t look its best after a relatively short period of time, it’s considered a “wear and throw” kind of jewelry and not a piece that you would invest in. If you like the look of brass jewelry and have a specific event coming up that you’d like to wear it for, it’s perfect for that. But it’s not something that you would wear time and time again and then leave to the next generation like you would with some other types of jewelry like fine gemstone jewelry – especially gemstone jewelry sets.

The look of brass is beautiful, and has a beautiful ethnic flair to it in many cases; however, if you are going to buy something that you want to last for a while, you may want to buy wholesale silver jewelry, something in gold, or even save up for that nice platinum piece. Any of these can come plain or with gemstones depending on what you would like.

Synthetic Stone Jewelry: An Inexpensive Way to Look Great

If you’re looking for a way to add to your options when you open your jewelry box, a few pieces of wholesale stone silver jewelry may be just what you need. The synthetic stones are manufactured in China, where their focus on being timely, while still maintaining high quality, in every stone is very evident. These synthetic stones can be used instead of gemstones to drastically reduce the cost of some jewelry, especially very popular designs. Some synthetic stone jewelry is even selling in India for retail prices as low as $3 or $4.

The manufacturing of synthetic stones is not a post industry, as it has been done since the 1800s. The stones, with very few exceptions, are virtually identical in physical characteristics as well as optical and chemical makeup. This is according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that has a lot of information about various techniques to make synthetic gems as well as what gems types work well for the synthetic process in their article HERE.

Gemstone Jewelry: Low vs. High Quality and Where They are Made

Wholesale gemstone silver jewelry is typically made in one of two places depending on whether the gem is of lower or higher quality. The opaque gems are usually considered the lower end and include gems like Lapis, Malachite, Moonstone, Labradorite, etc. Wholesale gem silver jewelry with these stones is made in India. Jewelry with gemstones wholesale India can still be very beautiful and these gems will look stunning with many outfits and ensembles. They can even make great gifts for friends, family, and co-workers.

The wholesale silver jewelry with gemstones that are of higher quality or stones that are generally above $1/carat is always made in Thailand. This includes jewelry made with wholesale gemstones in Bangkok like tourmaline, tsavorite, tanzanite, topaz, citrine, amethyst, emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc.

The quality control standards for these higher-quality pieces of gemstone jewelry wholesale in Thailand are extremely high. Because there are hundreds of cutters in Bangkok, there is high competition to produce the best product with the highest quality and they know what they are doing so that they can accomplish that. They focus on the clarity of the gems as well as providing each with a lasting diamond polish so that the gems that are already of higher quality become even more valuable with the work that is put into them by master cutters in Bangkok.

Silver Bangkok jewelry is usually the lower quality item as the most high-quality jewelry to come to complete out of this area is gold jewelry made with high-end pink tourmalines, tanzanites, or sapphires. This is because of the incredible trust that the gemstone producers in this area have with these very high-end gemstones that are worth more and can either be made into beautiful pieces worth more money as wholesale gemstone jewelry or they can be ruined by the wrong touch of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

If you are looking for “gemstone jewelry” near me, you now know where these items are made and what is available close to you. However, if the higher quality pieces are made farther away, it still may be worth it to save up a few extra dollars to get the higher quality pieces as wholesale gemstone jewelry. Oh, this reminds us of the researched graph that we have put at the end of this article, it might help you decide 😉

There are more than 500 varieties of gemstones and each gemstone has a range of colors so it is easy to find just the right color of bulk gemstone silver jewelry, or even gold jewelry, to match all your outfits. You can have a piece of jewelry, or even a set, for every outfit combination you have. Not only are there so many types of gemstones, and so many shades of each gem type, but each gemstone can be cut differently to give it a unique look from the gemstone next to it that might have the same shade and clarity. A different angle cut or shape and the pieces the gems are placed into, whether they be wholesale gemstone rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, and can have a totally different look.

Conclusion on Comparing Gemstone Jewelry with Other Types of Jewelry

Jewelry Shopping research
Navneet Gems and Minerals like to back up their answers with Research. Our company is the only company that has Ph.D. graduates, doctorates, making online research for us to reach the conclusion that we do. We don’t talk thin air, so this is for all of you out there who love numbers.

Out of the search results for “jewelry shopping” on a top search engine that came upon just the first page, which showed everything from the world-renowned Tiffany & Co. to the handmade jewelry on Etsy, we collected a great piece of research which was conducted on the topic.

It’s vital for readers reading this page to see some of our research which showed that “80% OF TIFFANY’S HOMEPAGE’s products have gemstones in the”, and carrying it on we actually checked a couple of other pages on Tiffany’s website and realized that their engagement rings had “ALL 100% of their designs with some type of stone in the center or around”. The tiffany rings however had some variety of results where it stood at 50-50 for with Gems and without Gems. The two other retailers being Overstock and QVC showed similar results with 62% and 66% being the case towards Gemstones.

Jewelry with gemstones research

After seeing these results readers who don’t like Gems, well better luck next time, but those who do, as we do, yes, let’s say hurray go Gems! Those gems in our research ranged in quality from the lower end all the way to very high-quality diamonds. Some of the pieces contained just one or two gems and some had settings containing many and were very intricate.

Bulk gemstone silver jewelry is very popular and in a lot of cases jewelry with gemstones wholesale, India is a popular place to get it from. However, don’t discount the high-quality standards of Thailand when getting gemstone jewelry for sale. Silver jewelry Jaipur and even silver jewelry Bangkok are popular as well.

No matter what you like, or whether the jewelry is made from silver or gold, if you like gemstones and the pop of color and flair they can add to your wardrobe, you can be the center of attraction with a few simple additions to your jewelry box that you can pull out whenever the mood strikes. Show off your personality with these beautiful wholesale gemstone silver jewelry pieces.

Jewelry types

This article clearly tells the readers about the differences between different types of Jewelry, how the Gemstone Jewelry is quite different from the others, and also our research which we conducted on Google to show the real statistics that we collected.