Semi Precious Gems

Welcome to our Semi- Precious Gems Page.

Here you can see a large collection of Semi precious stones that we Navneet Gems and Minerals work with. Here are some brief details about each of the Semi precious stone that we work as:

  • Aquamarine is the only light blue gemstone that has a very intense history. Navneet Gems sells both caliberated as well as single stones for high end jewellery customers, as well as Aquamarines for the bulk user who are looking for aquamarine milky cabochon.
  • Amethyst at Navneet Gems and Minerals comes in two origins, the Afircan and the Brazillian. Right now African amethyst we only get orders in cabochons and thats the trend as the Brazillian material is starting to give good supply and we can supply Amethyst in any quantities, this is one of our favorite stones, especially after Royal orchid being the color of the year 2014.
  • Zircon – what is next after Spinels? Zircons is what we say and the market is saying. This gemstone comes mostly from Cambodia, and then heated to produce the Blue zircons that we produce in bulk. The blue zircon in specially is able to immitate itelf as a great alternative for Irradiated colored diamonds.
  • Chalcedony – This is one of the most abundant materials available. Mostly dyed, but also available in the natural light blue color which is usually cabing material. Chalcedony has a very high luster and when having a fracture gives a very nice fracture luster, thats one way of identifying chalcedony. There are many types of Chalcedony's we supply, Dyed Jasper chalcedony, Jasper Chalcedony, Onyx chalcedony, Natural chalcedony, Dyed chalcedony available in green, dark blue, orange, pink, many colors.
  • Citrine - this semi precious gemstone can come in many different shades, including light citrine, medium citrine, and dark palmera or madeira citrine.
  • Created Emerald – Emerald created in lab conditions by using hydrothermal flux synthesis method, is called lab created emerald. Russia and India are manufacturing this but Russian quality is far better than Indian quality because of close resemblance to natural emerald. It comes in slab form in both included and clean quality. Read more about prices, process, quality, size and other details on our separate page of created emerald.
  • Green Amethyst – Prasiolite or green amethyst which is heated form of violet/purple amethyst but it doesn’t fade in color once heating is done. Some prasiolite in market are naturally heated (By volcanic activity of earth’s crust) and some are man heated. Find more details in our product page
  • Garnet – Garnet comes in more than ten different colors and their market names are different. All garnets share the same crystal structure. It can be categorized based on Aluminum and calcium. We mainly supply pyrope, almandite, Mozambique, tsavorite and rhodolite garnets. All are listed in product section. Know about origin, mining, size, shape and availability there.
  • Iolite – Tanzanite, Iolite and blue sapphire all are same colored stones with different hues but prices and their properties categorize all these threes into different types. You can get more details in products.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Lapis is blue opaque gemstone which comes with white calcite and golden pyrites. This is one the stones which have biggest market in the world. Afghanistan is known for top quality lapis material. Read, how miners risk their life in mining of lapis and other origins, quality, price and sizes information.
  • Moonstone – It comes in many colors like blue, grey, white, orange, pink, off white, brown and others. Blue is the most famous in all of these which comes from Sri Lanka and India. Blue comes in translucent to transparent quality and all other colors in opaque quality, blue is the most expensive in all of these.
  • Peridot – It comes in green color with golden hue and found in many countries. Pakistan, Burma, Kashmir and other countries are famous for green Peridot. This gemstone has two distinct markets – collectors and jewelers’ market. Peridot big sizes are not easy to found, after 9×7 size it becomes difficult and comes in slight lower grade. Price structure of this stone is same like precious stone, every size has different prices based on different qualities.

  • Rhodolite Garnet – This is one species of garnet which comes in pink to raspberry colors. This is one of the demanding colors of garnet and widely used all around the world. We launched this in our products in 2010 and now we are supplying this stone to many of our customers.
  • Tanzanite – Favorite stone of Americans, high demand, low availability, replacement of blue sapphire and affordable prices are terms to define this stone. It comes from Tanzania. Prices for this stone have been skyrocketing since last three years for this stone.
  • Tourmaline – Tourmaline is one the stones which comes in many colors. Pink, green, blue and Reddish-pink are famous and high valued colors in this stone. It comes from many countries and widely used all around the world. Read more in product section.
  • Turquoise – Blue-green color stone which comes in opaque quality. Arizona turquoise is the most demanding and popular.
  • Crystal, Smoky, Rose, Lemon, Beer, Rutile Quartz – All these are quartz family, amethyst and citrine also comes in this quartz family. It is the most abundant material and affordable material and widely used in silver, gold and diamond jewelry. All comes in good transparency and different colors. Crystals, Rose, Smoky, Beer, Lemon come in white, pink, black, greenish yellow, lemon colors respectively. Rutile quartz is known for its own appearance, it comes with natural rutile naturally.
  • Amber – Amber is one the famous organic gem and has insect inside the stone.There are more hundreds gemstones which come under semi precious gems category. Tiger eyes, malachite, rhodochrosite, multi fluorite and many other gems. Check our product section for detail descriptions. About qualities, shapes and quantities of semi precious gems, we have a special team to inform our customers and whenever you feel to buy semi precious gemstones or need to ask any question related to gems industry then feel free to drop us an inquiry.

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