Know everything about citrine. We have detailed about origins, color, quality and astrology on this page.

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Introduction about citrine gemstones -
Citrine is one of the most famous gemstone in market for selling. Tourmaline, Citrine, Yellow sapphire and yellow topaz are only options for yellow colors gemstones, in all of these no other stones can beat citrine in matter of prices, quality and color. It belongs to quartz family and other members are smoky, amethyst, rose, crystal, lemon, beer and rutile.  It comes in yellow (light and good) and golden-orange color. The name ‘Citrine’ is derived from ‘citron’ which is a French word and stands for ‘lemon’.

How all the quartz stones are better than topaz gems? So what is it that constitutes the difference between the real topaz and the citrine? – A fluorine aluminum silicate differentiates between citrine and natural topaz. It is comparatively weighs 25-30% lowers than topaz and we talk about price point of view then it is lower than topaz. Another reason is wide color range of quartz stones – Smoky, Rose, Rutile, Citrine, Amethyst etc.

Most of the citrine gems are result of heat treated amethyst and that that is acceptable in market. 100% natural citrines in good color (golden-orange) are rarely available. When we talk about chemical properties of amethyst and citrine then its quite similar, the only difference of iron ions’ oxidation level (Fe3).

Citrine usually is a Semi precious gemstone that is used the most after Blue Topaz, because of its vibrant Citrine Yellow color. Moreover, Citrine usually comes in three shades, Light Medium and Dark. There are a few videos of Citrine in the first half of this page, for you to see the color type, and perhaps order some Citrine gems from our company.

Finding supplier of Citrine on the internet

will lead you to nowhere, because that is a very broad search term “Citrine”, so it really depends on what you want to know or do about this Citrine. If you are looking to source Citrine from our manufacturings then all you have to do is contact us, if you are looking to know some information about Citrine then well there are a few other websites giving full information about the gemstone Citrine. Citrine is a type of quartz, and past few years for Citrine has not been too good. Infact the yellow color of any gemstone has not been doing too good. Yellow Sapphire, yellow quartz, Yellow beryl, or even Yellow Citrine, all are off late not in trend, but the trend for Citrine is coming back with the introduction of the new “Mandarin Citrine” which is really dark and available at our stores too.

Below are videos of our shading in Natural Citrine:

1) Dark Color in Citrine

2) Medium Color Drop Pearshape in Citrine

3) Medium Color Rounds in Citrine

4) Medium Color Pearshape in Citrine

Navneet Gems & Minerals limited has both Man-made and Not Man-Made citrine. The photos below are of natural Citrine which is why the color is a little pale, and it looks more original. The pictures below are 100% natural and not photoshoped.

Citrine Gemstone _0

In this picture we have shown sample pictures in the different shapes (Hearts, ovals, trillion and ovals), although we make all other shapes and colors as well.

Are you going to buy loose citrine cabochons and  faceted stones and want to know how to check quality and pay a right price -

Citrine Origin – Citrine is available all around the world. Burma, Namibia, Zambia, Russia and leading supplier Brazil are known for raw material of this stone. Madeira citrine is the most famous color which comes in golden-yellow color and also higher in price.

Citrine Color, treatment, sizes, shapes and qualities –  As written above that it comes in light yellow, vivid yellow, golden-orange and gold-brown colors and most demanding and high prices colors are golden with orange tint. Most of the natural citrine comes in pale yellow to medium yellow and all deep colors golden orange to golden brown are heated (Shows reddish tint). Most of citrine gemstones come in clean quality without any inclusions, only quality factor is color in this stone. More price you pay, better color you will get.

Round, Ovals and cushion shapes are most famous in normal cut, cabochon cut and diamond cut citrine, however we cut all other shapes and cuttings as well. We have good quantities in our stock and also make on order within 1 week. Calibrated sizes like 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm rounds, 6×4, 8×6, 10×8 oval, pear and octagon are more in demand rather than free big size stones.  Natural unheated citrine is becoming increasingly rare. Many of the citrine stones available today are heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz. Treated citrine is often heated right at the mining source. The color change is considered to be both permanent and stable.

When we talk about color grading then it follows same criteria as amethyst. Top yellow color which is not easily available called Madeira citrine and golden citrine comes, which is used on regular basis in market. Commercial quality citrine comes with color banding of very pale color without equal saturation of yellow color.
palmeira, madeira and golden citrine_0

Citrine Cabochons – Mostly citrine cabs come in light to medium color when you compare to citrine cut gems. Price and demand are factors behind this because most of the cabs used in silver jewelry and silver jewelry manufacturer target price is always low.

Healing power, Astrology of citrine
It is symbol of prosperity, success and positivity. Many businessmen keep this stone near their accounts for good fortune. It is also known as 13th anniversary stone and birthstone for November month. Apart from these it is also helpful in health issues like kidney, lungs and heart problem. All these things are not just to say, many people tried this and freed their problems.

Contact us to buy loose citrine cabochons, citrine faceted stones
We are one stop supplier of all types of semi precious stones, citrine is one of our main products. We are manufacturing calibrated round, oval, marquise, cushion, pear, octagon and fancy shape to free size stones at wholesale prices. Every piece of ours is made in our own factories under surveillance of gemstones’ experts. Not only normal cabochons and faceted stones but also we supply checker board, uneven and rose cut citrine cabochons and faceted stones. Sometimes customers ask for high dome or low dome with desired height according to jewelry so we also supply make and supply that, if you have any query for questions send us inquiry right now on our email address on contact page and we will get back to you with in next two working hours with detailed information.