White sapphire Diamond cut

Value of White Sapphire compared to the value of Diamond

The Value of White Sapphire Vs Diamond

Our company, Navneet Gems and Minerals is a 24-year-old Gemstone Company, with our roots in the Hub of precious gemstones: Bangkok. The reason we are telling you this is just to let you know that we have NEVER gotten a call for a Diamond in our career.


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On this page about White Sapphire vs Diamond, we want to help you by showing you how to understand the value of a White Sapphire and the value of a Diamond, by first understanding the value of a White Sapphire and then understanding the value of a Diamond and then to understand which one is a better value. In the end we will explain our conclusion by considering factors and each factor choosing its correct stone; Diamond or a Sapphire.

White Sapphires Diamond Cut from our Stock
                      White Sapphires Diamond Cut

White Sapphires Diamond Cut from our Stock

Before we start off with understanding the Value of a White Sapphire & Value of a Diamond, let’s focus first on understanding the meaning of the term Value, with its right definition in our gemstone trade terms:

– Rarity (added by Navneet Gems):
The reason we have put Rarity as the number one criteria in determining the Value of a Diamond or a Value of a Sapphire is Rarity, is because events like buying an engagement ring (a main use of White Sapphires and Diamonds) are also an investment. The rarity makes The Value of White Sapphires and Value of Diamonds higher.

How clean or milky or cloudy the stone is. Whether it’s a VVS Diamond or a Loupe clean, White Sapphire Gem, the clarity will affect the value of the stone immensely.

There is a reason why Padparadscha Sapphires sells 100 times higher priced than any other normal Sapphires in the market. The same reason that Red Diamonds sell 1000’s of times higher priced then a White Diamond. Because of its color.

The cut of the gemstone is very important – cut for weight or brilliance. Why are Diamonds never cut in a sloppy cut – one of our friends once asked us, during the Bangkok Gem and Jewelry Show. We told them it’s because you cannot sell Diamonds if they are not sparkly and a selling point comes to them being hard and hard stones sparkle the best (more information about sparkle and selling points of diamonds later).

The larger the stone the higher value it has. Larger stones are rarer, and since these are natural stones that we are talking about, its another reason for adding Rarity as a factor in determining the value of these two Precious White Gems.

Understanding the Value of a White Sapphire 

Let’s now get started with understanding the Value of a White Sapphire. We have made this incredible price chart “for example” only, which clearly describes the prices in the best manner possible, for retailers.

                   1 carat         $550 – $700 / ct           $430 – $650 / ct           $300 – $450 / ct
                 2 carats      $1,000 – $1,300 / ct         $900 – $1,100 / ct         $600 – $800 / ct
3 carats $1,500 – $2,000 / ct $1,200 – $1,600 / ct

 $1,000 – $1,400 / ct

Understand the Value of a White Diamond

If you are going for a White Diamond, we just want to inform you that according to GIA’s research there have been 4.50 billion carats of rough Diamonds mined since 1870. So if you are looking they are easy to find and many with a questionable source. We think that the trend of socially conscious and eco-friendly rings—made with ethically sourced gemstones—is one that will never be out of style and hopefully also the Value of a White Sapphire will be obvious.

Which one has a better Value?

While we can’t predict the future, we do expect that some of the trends we’re seeing in the engagement rings today will continue for quite some time. Old styles may continue but so will couples wanting an engagement ring that’s unique and says something about their style, even if that means a custom cut White Sapphire shape. Maybe the one in our recent Pippa Wedding shows, however, that a custom cut is also possible in a White Diamond, though in a $200,000+ budget.

Conclusion of White Sapphire as an alternative of a White Diamond

In terms of Rarity: White Sapphire
White Sapphire simple because a clean stone is less available. Diamonds are sold because of the marketing strategy by De-Beers. Simply marketing. No value of carbon.
In terms of Durability: White Diamond
White diamonds are the hardest gemstone. Sapphire is next up. White diamonds will never ever change the tone, break (unless a big accident) happens.
In terms of Being Trendy: White Sapphire

The recent Fred and Far – love yourself ring is one of the trend around the world. The Californian company tells women to love themselves, adore themselves, with a White sapphire. The trend is in favor of a White Sapphire because Diamonds sales have gone down, marketing from DeBeers have needed to be changed – that’s what shows.

In terms of Investment: White Sapphire

If the prices of White Diamonds have gone up 5% over the past 3 years, then White Sapphire has gone up 250%. The mines are closing down, production is lower, clean stones are running out. Mother nature is started to get exhausted. Definitely White Sapphires on this one.

In terms of Liquidity: White Diamond

Diamonds can be liquidated anytime you want. Any jeweler around the corner shop of your street will have the acceptance of repurchasing from you at a lower price, maybe 10% or 20% setback, but at least its sold. God forbid any of you to have a problem where you have to liquidate your ring, but if you ever do, White Diamonds could be sold in minutes. White Sapphires can take a while to find the right buyer.

In terms of Sustainability (Ethical mining): Tie
In terms of Healing Power: Tie

Recently, Salt and Pepper’s diamonds have a huge demand for being used in unique engagement rings and alternative rings. We have started manufacturing many types of alternative engagement ring stones since 2019. Salt and Pepper diamonds being one of them have an eye-catching centerpiece as a part of an alternative engagement ring. For more information about Salt &Pepper Diamonds, Check out: https://www.navneetgems.com/salt-and-pepper-diamonds/