Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Navneet’s Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer Unit:

Sitapura Jewelry manufacturerThe forbidden fruit was always and it still is the sweetest fruit that there is out there.

Man’s fascination to things which are tough to acquire isn’t just limited to things which are present in the spiritual plain but extends well beyond into the physical plane. With the advent of the 21st century, War as we know it has changed its form.

In some pockets of the world the war is still fought as many of us know it. But for most of us the battle ground for it has changed. This war is fought daily across board rooms, offices and various other places of business. The very essence of life has been changed to that of a constant battle. Why are we at the forefront of this battle? We are fighting this battle so that we can run after that forbidden fruit….

We are fighting this battle so as to be able to pamper ourselves. We are fighting this battle so as to make this tasty forbidden fruit a reality which we can hold and experience in our hands. ‘Plata o Plomo’ is how the wise Columbians have spelled this struggle out rather simply. Very crisply, it means either to accept the silver or take the lead. No one wants hardship in life and if we do have to face hardship, thanks to the law of Karma we shall be rewarded with fruits of our labors in the end.

Sitapura Jewelry manufacturer

Silver since time immemorial has fascinated us. Silver being a noble metal was found in its native state but more commonly it’s found in the form of Galena and other lead containing ores. Silver has had a significant role in the evolution of mankind. It is among the first 5 metals to be discovered and used extensively by man for a variety of purposes.

The other 4 are gold, Iron, lead and copper. The Silver chemical symbol, Ag, is an abbreviation of the Latin word for silver, ‘argentum.’ The Latin word originates from “argunas”, a Sanskrit word meaning shining. So as you can see, man’s fascination with silver had started in prehistoric times. We at Navneet Gems and Minerals understand and value this nature of mankind. We try and bring satiety to your cravings by producing exquisite quality jewelry at our Sitapura Silver Factory. Navneet’s Sitapura Jewelry manufacturer unit` is also a leading manufacturer of wholesale gemstones of the semi-precious variety along with its trademark silver jewelry. At our Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer Unit we specialize in semi-precious gemstones such as quartz etc, in cabochon and many other cuts.

Sitapura Jewelry manufacturerFacetted Created Emeralds at Navneet Gems and Minerals

Excel till excellence becomes second nature to you. We at Navneet Gems and Minerals have taken this motto to heart and strive continuously to achieve this goal. The road ahead was not easy to navigate. To start with there was no road to navigate at all. We have come a long way from our hay days to going international, as in our current form. Our Silver Jewelry Factory in Sitapura is the place where our foray into jewelry first started. The Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer nowadays is a hub for world class Silver Jewelry featuring semi-precious stones.

Our Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer is situated next to Jaipur. Jaipur was set up in 1726 by the Raja Jai Singh the Second of the Kachwahas dynasty of Amber. Jaipur along with Agra and post Delhi was a part of the golden triangle in ancient times. Due to the its royal patronage and closeness to the true power centers of Medieval India, the artisans and craftsmen of this region had incentives and markets readily available. As a result they gained a high level of proficiency with their craft. These skills have been transferred from one generation to the next and can be visualized in the form of exquisite work done by our artisans even today at our Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer. Read more about wholesale silver jewelry here.

“It’s important to grow together and not individually” – Navneet Agarwal.

And with our Indian Jewelry factory at Sitapura we have made sure that we adhere to these thoughts in letter and spirit.  With increasing demands for our Silver Jewelry, we shifted our base of operations from India. We did this to get in closer to emerging world markets and yet so as to keep in touch with our own soil in India. We shifted our base of operations to Bangkok (Thailand). This step was the stepping stone to propelling Navneet Gems and Minerals to an international forum. In our hay days as an international firm we used to import uncut, unpolished or in simpler terms unprocessed stones from India, our Jaipur factory in setting at our Indian Gemstone Factory at Sitapura.

Sitapura Jewelry manufacturerSome of our Fine Jewelry Created by our Skilled Sitapura Jewelry Factory Craftsmen and Craftswomen.

What was happening in the meantime was that our workers started getting a taste of global trends in jewelry designs. Our Sitapura Jewellery Manufacturers started excelling at the challenges’ we threw at them and not only were they imitating designs mirroring global trends but also making jewelry, which did meet stringent international requirements of quality control. So what we did was, in tune to our inclusive growth model and to better the prospects and earning potential of our workers, we imported manufacturing equipment from global leaders such as the USA, Germany and Japan etc. Soon enough our workers in nearly all of the 150 working units mastered these machines and began producing silver jewellery which is of export quality.

Now coming back to our gem stones, both wholesale and retail. We realized that in order to stream line our production of Silver Jewelry why not process the gems in house at our Indian Gemstone factory? Instead of Importing the gems from India, working on them and then exporting them back to our Sitapura Jewellery Factory, why not let the Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer Unit handle the processing of the semi precious stones as well? This created a huge difference financially and helped us in increasing our wholesale profit margin along with making the whole process easier and more efficient. These benefits of having a lowered manufacturing cost is passed on to our customers, which helps us in maintaining our competitive edge and yet at the same time helps us give something back to our workers at our Jaipur Jewelry Factory without whom we wouldn’t be here.

Due to the presence of the local talent at the Sitapura Jewellery Manufacturer Unit we were able to build an international presence while maintaining a local foot print and in return giving back to our motherland and workers. Wholesale Silver Jewelry studded with gemstones from our Sitapura manufacturing unit truly has its distinct thumbprint and is internationally appreciated for its intricate work and excellent craftsmanship and genuine ethnicity.

Sitapura Jewelry manufacturerA Blue Sapphire and Diamond Studded Silver Engagement Ring from Our Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer.

The caste system in India has been a root to many ills. The caste system when practiced as it was meant to be placed more importance on what work one did rather than where you were born. Then over the years this caste system morphed in to areas of expertise. Monkey see as monkey do, and when you are born in a family that is associated with a certain trade you are bound to pick up the nuances of the trade much better. The family is a child’s first teacher and if right from your birth you are born in an environment which specializes in a certain craft, you are bound to take it to post heights. Navneet gems and Minerals as you see it today is a result of a long and arduous journey.

“There was a vision I had and I took it forward”.

The journey of Navneet Gems & Minerals wouldn’t be what it is, had it not been for the fortitude and trust my father Mr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal placed in me. The Company (Navneet Gems) was established by Mr. Suresh Agarwal in 1993 in Jaipur, India. Working under the guidance of his father Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal, he learned the ropes of the trade from him. Learning from one of the best in the field in the first hand has given Navneet Gems its distinct competitive edge. From the skills that he had acquired early on, with his association with his father, the industrious Mr. Suresh Agarwal set out to sail other seas. We widened our reach to the world by exploring industry parts of the USA (Our biggest consumer market), Europe, Japan and eventually establishing base camp in Germany.

Navneet Agarwal, son of Suresh Agarwal took the reins of the operations at Navneet Gems and Minerals to a professional level and completed his Graduate Gemologist degree from Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad. With an increased appreciation of the associated industry, Navneet Agarwal has brought cutting edge ideas to the business, propelling it to the next level. With quality, punctuality and timely delivery making up his trio of success, Navneet Gems and minerals is a trusted name today in the wholesale manufacturing and production industry of gemstones and silver jewelry and our Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer unit is a big part of that.

We started our foray into the jewelry business by setting up our first Wholesale Silver Jewelry Factory India for Silver Jewelry manufacturing in the suburbs of Sitapura, near Jaipur. There are a lot of advantages in the manufacturing of Silver Jewellery from Jaipur, apart from the fact that all stones are manufactured in Jaipur. With a history of small scale industry based in Sitapura, we have had the added advantage of having years of skilled labor behind us at the Sitapura Manufacturer Unit. Since historical times, Jewelry from Jaipur has been acclaimed to be one of the finest in terms of finesse and workmanship. One can almost never visualize a Mughal motif or painting without heavy gemstone studded outfits or bejeweled accessories. With hundreds of years of documented and undocumented history, silver crafting is akin to a second skin to the labor force at Sitapura.

Now in the modern age, it becomes vital to take this opportunity and mass produce the Sitapura Jewellery wholesale with perfection and great handicraft. At Navneet Gems and Minerals – we are producing Silver Jewellery in all Colored gemstones. Mostly all of our Jewellery is mass produced in wholesale, making us invaluable assets to many luxury based industries. Apart from the Wholesale Silver Jewelry Sitapura is also excellent at making everything from Detachable Jewelry to Cocktail rings to Fine Gold Plated Drusy rings.

With our extensively varied range of jewelry which differ from stone to stone and style to style, the customers at your store will never run out of choices. Apart from wholesale manufacturing we also deal in retail and in custom made jewelry on special orders. Rings, Pendants, Gemstone Bracelets, Taco style rings and Wholesale Cocktail Engagement rings are some of our most popular products and have witnessed satisfied patrons from all over the world. Navneet Gems and Minerals, Bangkok has set itself apart from most other silver jewelry factory Jaipur and even most Jewelry factory India as a wholesale Sitapura jewelry manufacturer with these changes and maneuvering in the industry. Sitapura jewelry wholesale finds it’s true meaning with us.

How to customize your next Jewelry order with Navneet Gems and Minerals for the Sitapura Jewelry Manufacturer;

We would love to be a small part of your big day. Give us a chance to surprise you with the dream wedding or engagement ring, a purity piece or absolutely anything else. Our expert craftsmen handcraft not just the stone but the entire piece according to your specifications. Colored gemstones have gained huge popularity in the past few years, and they are certainly changing the trends in the bridal jewelry line.

2021 has been about bringing a fresh perspective and making statements. As people gear up for a fresh beginning, the jewelry industry is also gearing up for a change in trends. Unusual-colored gemstones with their quirky colors and earthy essence are now gaining popularity. Two such stones that have immensely picked up steam are teal sapphires and salt and pepper diamonds. With their distinctive features and affordable prices, they might be the gemstones to watch out for this year. 

Here you can check out the most popular gemstones for your engagement and wedding rings:

For more details regarding the customization of jewelry,  just Click Here and we will be waiting eagerly to hear from you and work with you to create the jewelry you will admire.