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Unheated Blue Sapphire

Always wanted a nice 100% natural Unheated Blue sapphire marquise shaped ring? Or a Royal blue Unheated Sapphire Oval shaped 5.10 carat gemstone..

Always wanted a nice 100% natural Unheated Blue sapphire marquise shaped ring? Or a Royal blue Unheated Sapphire Oval shaped 5.10 carat gemstone..
Have a look at the above Marquise shapped blue sapphire ring that looks so very gorgeous. Now look at the the loose stone below that is from a Manufacturer and wholeseller of Loose Blue sapphire like us, want to make a ring like the above? Simply buy the stone below and make the ring from the Jewellery store in your city. Save cost. Get it your own way.

This unheated piece of Marquise 3.96 carats is a mesmerizing stone that will blow your minds away. The Marquise shape is a shape for the ladies who feel they have a very naturally thin look to their bodies. A slim body fits perfectly with this Marquise shaped Unheated Blue Sapphire stone that could be fitted in a gorgeous Simple yet elegant Precious ring. The facets are well polished just like the characteristics of a classy women who makes sure to apply make up, nice body odor and a great hairstyle. This marquise is not a very expensive stone, but yet the color looks like its a nice Unheated ceylon sapphire – however its from Nigeria and not from Ceylon. This Unheated Blue sapphire is for those women who want to buy a Ceylon Blue sapphire but are not hesitant in trying a stone from different origin that may give the same look. This piece meets the exact same requirements just at a very affordable price.

One of the best pieces so far in our collection is this 5.10 carart Oval Shaped Blue Sapphire

We at Navneet Gems and Minerals dont sell just stones, but we spend time on each stone, whether cutting the stone, facetting the stone, selling the stone, making sure to check the stones for 100% no heat treatment on these Unheated Sapphires – we ensure we give the buyer an actual story behind the stone and all the realities of this Blue colored precious stone coming from Ceylon, Madagascar, Nigeria etc.

If you want to invest your precious money in Loose Unheated sapphire stones, then its best to invest in the right shape that is liquidable. Why are Unheated sapphires a really good investment? Other important factor that makes this 5.10 carat Oval shaped stone on the top of the list is because of its Clarity and color. This color of Unheated Blue sapphires – we call them Royal blue, which is what the British highness like. This color is of utmost importance and liked by most of the buyers of Blue sapphires. Not just the color but the cleanliness of the Sapphires are a big appealing factor, especially in this Unheated piece. Corundums never come clean they say, its very difficult to find a clean sapphire – except for 0.1% of the world’s corrundum. Now this piece – does it come in that category? YES. This piece is a Loupe clean unheated stone – that is one reason this is one of the finest investments in Sapphires.

Technical description of this above unheated blue sapphire gemstone.

Origin: Nigeria, Shape: Oval, Treatments: Unheated – 100% natural from earth, Size: 3.96 carats, Clarity: Loupe clean, Color: Royal Blue, Used for: Ring, Pendant or just keep loose for investment purposes.

Investment point of view for Unheated Blue sapphires

Unheated Blue sapphires are one of the most desirable investment, be it a marquise which weighs 3.96 carat or a larger stone that weighs 5.10 carat in an Oval Shape. The stone that is Unheated means that it is 100% Natural and there has been no human intervention in the stone, including the Heat treatment which is so widely accepted in the Gemstone market. Unheated Blue sapphires since the ancient times have been common and up in price. To use a treatment means to intervene in the natural earths gift and to make it better than what it used to look like. This is the reason that Unheated Blue sapphires will always go up in price, especially because natural blue sapphires in this quality are rare to find a clean stone like this which is a loupe clean stone.

Also,We have seen a great demand for unheated Australian Sapphires variety Teal Sapphires, Parti Sapphires, and Mermaid Sapphires. 

Why the Chinese are buying Unheated sapphires?
You ask anyone and they will tell you that the Unheated sapphire prices have gone up and over the roof. Whether it be ruby or sapphire, the chinese mentality is that the natural stones is 100% natural and the value for natural versus Treated stone with human intervention is always going to be lower. So the Chinese believe in investing in stricktly only Unheated sapphires or rather Unheated stones. Be it Semi precious gemstones or Precious stones, they all buy it for investment as well as beauty purposes.

Heat Treatment enhances the look by changing the inclusions and the properties of the stone. Have a look at the below graph which clearly tell us what the effects of heat treatment are.