Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamonds

The Rising Popularity Of Loose Salt And Pepper Diamonds In Engagement Rings

For years, diamonds have been synonymous with engagement rings. Many contemporary brides agree that there’s no other gem which captures the essence of this cherished occasion better. After all, diamonds are forever. However, many also consider white diamonds engagement rings to be quite cliche and are on the lookout for an alternative that’s less expensive yet exquisitely speaks to the couple. This has led to the popularity of certain speckled diamonds with black and white inclusions known as salt and pepper diamonds, which are essentially diamonds with a hint of zest.

Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Quirky, affordable and eco-conscious, salt and pepper diamonds are quickly carving out their niche as centre stones in engagement rings. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why these sprinkled gems are gaining popularity:


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One of the reasons why many young couples are opting for salt and pepper diamonds nowadays is their uniqueness. Salt and pepper diamonds attain their uniqueness from the nature and distribution of their inclusions. Think of it as spraying salt and pepper into a bowl. The distribution of the salt and pepper grains will be different each time. Similarly, these inclusions in the diamonds never occur in the same manner, thus imparting a different appearance to each stone. They can occur in a range of hues, and can be speckled, milky, dark or opaque. With their “perfect imperfections”, they may be the perfect choice for that special, one of a kind engagement ring that you’ve been searching for. 

Round Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond
 Round Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond


In regular diamonds, better clarity defines the finer quality of the stone. The clarity is dependent on the inclusions present in the diamonds and can range from flawless to included. However, even regular diamonds have microscopic inclusions in them, which can lower the value of these diamonds. Salt and pepper diamonds, on the other hand, come with inclusions, which can be considered their birthmarks. These inclusions can be considered their unique selling point, and it’s what gives them their characteristic wildness and mystery. 

A survey conducted by GoodGem revealed that only 57% percent of the millennials have regular diamonds as their engagement ring centre stones. The younger buyers are leaning towards something other than the conventional diamond solitaire. Many new age couples have seemed to embrace the imperfections and ‘flaws’ of salt and pepper diamonds and revere these mystical stones due to their raw, untreated appeal. 

Corporate social responsibility:

Research suggests that nearly 6-10% of couples nowadays consider ethical sourcing an important factor while selecting their engagement rings. And the numbers are expected to rise as the younger generations are more environmentally aware. 

The mining practices of white diamonds have always been a little controversial. Mining of white diamonds is an elaborate process that requires excavating tonnes of earth, sorting through hundreds of stones to find that one perfect diamond without flaws. It has been known to cause a lot of erosion and debris production, taking a toll on the environment. Salt and Pepper diamonds, on the other hand, are ethically mined. Unlike white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds utilize lesser resources and time to mine, and hence less taxing on the environment. Many eco-conscious to-be-weds may find this aspect of salt and pepper diamonds very appealing.

Price point comparison:

A survey conducted by The Wedding Report suggests that almost 20,300USD was spent on weddings on an average, out of which nearly 5000 USD was allocated towards the engagement rings. This trend seems to be changing with the rising popularity of alternative stones like salt and pepper diamonds, which are perfect for cost-conscious young buyers. In fact, the engagement ring survey 2019 suggests that 52% of the couples paid less than 1000USD on their rings and were very satisfied. 

Hypothetically, if a carat of I3 G-H white diamond could cost 3000$ – 5000$, salt and pepper diamonds cost around 20% of that. This striking difference in the price range is because salt and pepper diamonds, although highly valuable, are not as rare as white diamonds and are found in abundance. The price for these speckled stones is hence market driven and depends solely on their demand. Despite these lower prices, these stones are still extremely valuable and definitely a good investment and the most important thing these hold value to yourself, because the inclusions remind you of yourself being so unique, the times of mass production are gone and in comes unique one of stones that resonate the couple’s natural feeling. So if you’re on a budget and yet wish for something elegant, these are your go-to gems. These are diamond alternative engagement stones, we also have the teal sapphires as a popular color of sapphire for 2021

Why are salt and pepper diamonds ideal for engagement rings?

  • Unique, mystical and elegant
  • Versatile with a range of different styles
  • Pocket friendly
  • Eco-conscious and sustainable

No doubt, the traditional diamond solitaire is timeless. But if you’re on the hunt for something out of the way, or something unconventional, investing in loose salt and pepper diamonds will be worth your while. With multiple design options and shades, these speckled gems can be crafted in any form to suit your needs and the possibilities are endless. We regularly post pictures of our salt and pepper lots on our Instagram handle (, check us out there!

Different Shapes of Salt and Pepper
  Fancy cut salt and pepper diamonds make for stricting engagement ring centerpieces.

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