Tanzanite Stones

Navneet Gems and Minerals are the best wholesalers of Tanzanite Stones. They offer a wide variety of Tanzanite Stones at a reasonable cost.

Tanzanite Stones is a fascinating gemstone. Tanzanite Stones are available in colors ranging from blue to purple and Tanzanite which are medium dark in tone, vivid in saturation, and slightly violet blue command premium prices.

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cabochon tanzanite
cabochon tanzanite
Tanzanite cabs
Loose fine Tanzanite cabochons for sale!

Tanzanite is considered the birthstone for December. Tanzanite Stones work as good luck charms for all born in December. Tanzania is the only place where it is mined. Tanzanite Stones are highly effective and completely genuine. Tanzanite Stones are available in all Sizes, Shapes, and shades like Light, Medium, and Dark with all types of quality.

The “heart of the ocean” rumored to be the tanzanite from the movie Titanic also had people confused it for Sapphires for many years. Tanzanite is a blue-colored, Semi Precious Gemstone that has been used for quite a long time. It has a dark pleasant blue color that pleases customers worldwide, especially Americans. Our factories produce everything in calibration sizes, be it small or medium sizes and in almost all shapes for Cabochons and Cuts. However, in Cabochon, Ovals are the most common and the most available shape, because of the rough structure. We guarantee to provide Wholesale Tanzanite Prices to our customers, even if it’s a few pieces ordered, or large orders. 

We specialize in top-grade Tanzanite Stones. We are the oldest wholesaler of Gemstones you can trust, with courteous service and the best price. We have skilled workmen for finished work who make this possible to ensure quality work for our customers.

We are a Manufacturer of various types of gemstones and deal with customers who like to purchase the excellent quality of wholesale Tanzanite Stones. We also serve the customers who need one or two gems for collection or gifts.

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