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All about Morganite engagement rings – how it dazzled in the Vegas show, research about rings, JCK show, many more.

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It’s a little late now in August for readers to search for Morganite Engagement rings. How the JCK Las Vegas was,  now comes the beautiful analysis of the year as JCK Las Vegas becomes one of the most important Jewellery shows that the industry respects to the utmost level. All the reports of the JCK Las Vegas communicated worldwide and all trends passed on, like of Morganite engagement rings.

JCK Las Vegas 2015 was all about Colors. Opals, Morganite, Aquamarine, Blue Moonstones still being on the top of the trending list in Gemstones at the biggest show in this industry. Morganite in particular had seen a trend more towards finished Jewellery in comparison to Loose Morganite gemstones, the reason being the rare supply leads to more and more people turning to Jewellery for orders and to gain a larger value for their sales as profits on Loose Morganite narrows.
Morganite in the JCK was like Diamonds in the 90’s. A lot of marketing efforts by companies, a huge buzz and increasing demand for this popular gemstone as it made to the best selling Gemstone Jewellery in the vegas show. However, other stones like Opals were designed around a lot of upcoming designers who are using them for unique designs.

Popularity of Morganite

  1. The only peach gemstone that comes heated only and no other treatment. Rose quartz is transparent and too cloudy while Pink Spinel is not available enough in the market to compete with Morganite. Below is the world’s first Color chart of Morganite in 2015. This color chart of morganite gives everyone a base to communicate what is needed in order to communicate with far away sellers and buyers, talking via emails.

    Morganite Color Chart
    Morganite Color Chart

Morganite is a beryl and honestly speaking there is no competition in for this gemstone, which has no other natural gemstone today that look similar to this beautiful Colored gemstone. Morganite gems today come in a variety of different colors, (Do remember to see our one and only World’s first Morganite color chart) but most commonly accepted colors are Peach and Pink. Peach Morganite set in Rose gold rings has hit the commercial market in all ways. Morganite Engagement rings have become the norm for post couples in local stores all around the USA.

  1. Morganite’s price is way too attractive for any other gemstone to come close to the attractive price of these Loose Morganites. Pricing is one of the most important 4 P’s of marketing, the reason being that in the Gem and Jewellery industry the color is very important in line with the pricing. If the pricing doesn’t suit the color, the gemstone wont sell. For this reason Morganite, which is a peach-pink color, will sell for the many upcoming years and the price is likely to increase? Who knows. Definitely our research at the bottom of the page can give a bit of an insight that Marketing from the big TV companies and big Jewellery companies will be the key to the success to this Morganite’s consistent sale? Read on to know more.
  1. Popular in morganite engagement rings:

This Beryl gemstone has started being to be used in Engagement rings and for that reason it taps a whole post and large market. Just recently published by JCK Online a brilliant article that has attracted a lot of views and jewellers from around the world.

Our research of the Morganite as Engagement rings

As I wandered around the JCK online website, came a very interesting well-researched article about Engagement ring spending in the USA. You can read the article here as later I will refer back to this article:
The best research today is research on the internet as internet penetration rate around the world increases, so when we searched for “Morganite as wedding bands”, this is result we came up with.
The result was a little out of the box, these were personal opinions but were true and maybe a ring a bell?
Research on morganite
The above graph shows the results of our intense research on the internet, the research showed that there are a lot of positives of Morganite as well as some striking information about Morganite that makes this research truly real. This is really what people think in the market, speaks one of the most reputable gemstone dealers in Bangkok, Thailand when we showed him this research to ask for his opinions.

Jewellers all around the world, whenever they sell Morganite Engagement rings, they should inform the wearer about the “Taking care” of their precious Engagement ring which isn’t as hard as a Diamond or a Sapphire (Morganite engagement rings are sold on etsy in large numbers which are mostly handmade). Morganite is a beryl in the end of the day with 7.5-8 hardness on the Mohs scale. Having said that, its not too far away from the hardness of Sapphires, which are extensively used as Engagement rings since many years now. Moreover spending on Engagement rings haven’t been reducing at all, which is why I gave a reference to an article of JCKonline. 

The research that took opinions of 174 people on the internet, it wasn’t easy to track the people’s names or where we got it from, we rather focused on what they meant, thought and what this research meant for Jewellers / Gemstone collectors / People in the Fashion industry.

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