Supplier Of White Moonstone At Wholesale Prices

Looking for a wholesale White Moonstone supplier that manufactures Moonstone in their factories in China and India?

Well, you are the right place, Navneet Gems, and minerals who are a huge exporter of white moonstone, as we Manufacture White moonstone from India and China, at good competitive prices, keeping a check on quality for White moonstone which is the most amazing type of moonstones as I see them.

Many people confuse between white moonstone and rainbow blue moonstone. White moonstone is translucent to opaque stone which comes in creamy white color. Good quality white moonstone comes with a chatoyancy effect. On the other hand, rainbow blue moonstone comes with blue/rainbow flash or power. The quality of rainbow moonstone depends on transparency and flash. More transparent with more flash said to high quality.

white moonstone
white moonstone rounds
moonstone quality
blue-moonstone-cabochons quality and source chart navneet gems

White Moonstone has little stars on them in the middle as they tend to shine when these beautiful moonstone gemstones go into jewelry. Moreover, the bigger the shine on these white moonstones the better the quality are for these gemstones.  Our factories produce exactly these high-quality white moonstones with a cat’s eye in the middle. Moreover, we tend to focus on quality, which is why most of our white moonstone manufacturing takes place in Indian gemstone factories, to maintain quality.

We are producing all sizes, shapes in white moonstone and all good quality white moonstone show cats eye effect. We are producing more than a thousand carats of material on daily basis, this stone is an opaque stone with a waxy appearance with a nice luster. It is used widely used in jewelry articles mainly in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Orange, pink, brown, blue, and rainbow are other colors of moonstone as you can see in the picture. White is one of the favorite colors among all the different colors of moonstone.

So if you are looking for a good supplier of wholesale moonstone that promises professionalism and on-time punctuality, white moonstone in particular, then please contact us, Navneet Gems and Minerals