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Platinum jewelry wholesale

Platinum is a metal which is group of minerals and it is quite rare (even more than gold). Platinum is originated from Russia, Africa (southern part), the United States and some other countries. This metal is used not only in jewelry but also in medical and automobile industries. History of this material is old. It is not used like gold in jewelry because of low availability. Low supply is one the reasons that price of this metal is comparatively high. When you will see old jewelry of Egyptians, Tumaco and other people then you will find the use of platinum there.

Some people take white gold (rhodium gold) as platinum?

Platinum is naturally white metal which has super fine luster and shine and white gold is rhodium plated by using chemicals. White gold jewelry’ color tarnish when you wear regularly because that is not actual color of metal. Platnium jewelry can be polished again and again without losing weight.

Wholesale Platinum jewelry hall marking and purity

Platnium jewelry is also made of an alloy with IR and CO as we explained in gold jewelry and silver jewelry. Well, it is up to you that how much percentage of platinum you want to use. Platnium jewelry hall marked as 800 (80%), 900 (90%) and so on. Percentage shows the presence of platinum in that article. If you want us to mention the % of other material like cobalt and iridium then we also do that.

Our production for platinum jewelry

When we started making jewelry then we were not manufacturing platinum jewelry but after few months we got many inquiries about this metal jewelry and we started a post set up for this. Now we have more than 25 labors who are only manufacturing this metal jewelry. We are specializing in Rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. When it comes to the manufacturing process then it follows almost the same as gold and silver, starting from CAD design, developing plastic mould, real article development, diamonds/ gems setting and polishing in end. We have been making both plain and gemstones (precious and semi-precious) platinum jewelry.

Here are some sample designs of diamond + platinum jewelry. If you want any other designs you can send us and we will turn them into real product.
diamond platnium earrings diamond platnium jewelry

This is same bracelet design where emerald precious gemstones 5×3 to 8×6 were used.

emerald bracelets

We have our design catalogue which we can send if you are interested in platinum jewelry. If you have your designs in hand then we can make exactly same like your designs. We take 2 weeks tentatively to ready your order, more it depends on quantities. You can send us inquiry on our email for your queries.
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