ceramic jewelry

Ceramic jewelry manufacturing

 Ceramic jewelry process is quite different from gold, silver and platinum jewelry. One has to be creative for ceramic jewelry designs. You can make ancient to modern art designs as per your requirements. When we talk about ceramic jewelry designs then you have to have the wide imagination. Combination of ceramic beads with shapes makes it look beautiful. Process of manufacturing is opposite in this where first beads and different shapes are created and later manufacturer make different combination to test the jewelry.

Here are some steps of manufacturing process
Cut the clay from the roll and use as much as you want. You can use different stamps to make the texture or design over clay. If you are making pendant then make sure you make a hole by using pin. Roll the clay accordingly to your requirement thickness and imprint the texture you want on this to make the beads. Place all the beads in a box of wood and leave them for dry process. In last step you need to fire and paint the beads and shapes which you make.

We are using semi precious gemstones in ceramic jewelry as well. Here are some sample pictures. Beads made of ceramic jewelry looks very nice. Silver jewelry combined with ceramic makes a good combination.

ceramic 2 ceramic jewelry

Our production house for ceramic jewelry
Creativity is very important in this. We have 5 designers who make designs using clay and we use those beads with silver and other metals. Our every designer is experienced.