Mobile Applications To Enhance For Your Jewellery Business.

When competition is cut-throat and business is dwindling, one has got to get creative. Tapping into your target audience becomes critical and the most effective method to do it is via mobile applications. With more and more people looking to buy from the comfort of their homes while being exposed to the maximum variety available, no strategy is smarter than creating a mobile application for your jewelry or gemstone business.


1. A wider, global audience:

While your business may be thriving locally, or even nationally, you might be missing out on the global market if you do not engage digitally. With over 5 million mobile applications today, there is something for everyone and a mobile application may be just the prayer for gemstone enthusiasts around the world. Not only does this push you as a global brand forward but also helps you generate higher revenues. An example of this is that your most popular and common product might be extremely rare and a novelty for someone on the other side of the world.
2. Product Showcase/ Online catalog:
An online catalog makes for a concise repertoire of your collection which can be removed and replenished according to their availability and your will. This digital catalog ensures that your viewers get a 360-degree idea of what all your gemstones your business can provide them with, both in wholesale and retail. The high-resolution display of present generation smartphones ensures they get a fair idea of how the gemstones will look in real life. Your customers can simply login anytime from anywhere and make an immediate purchase.
3. Playing with analytics:
Today, elevating your business to the next level takes more than just putting up great quality products. Analytics gives us a keen insight as to WHAT is trending were and at WHAT time. If strategies are marketed accordingly, sales of your products can be optimized to give you the maximum profits. A mobile application concentrates all this precious data into one place, allowing us to plan our gemstone collections, sales, etc ahead of time.
For any company, having a mobile application is a perceived sign of credibility. Any service-oriented industry aims to ease the process of purchase and a good, ergonomic application forwards just that policy to increase their sales.
Another advantage of mobile application development is the cost-effective promotional activity and branding. Conventional advertising portals require a large amount of investment whereas branding via creative tools like influencer collaborations, blogs, etc on the application is a time, investment, and effort-effective method instead.
5. Better user engagement:
A mobile application stupendously increases all-around connectivity. Once downloaded, it remains with the customer and becomes an intimate part of their lives. Even if they aren’t voluntarily active on it, an occasional update might catch their attention, redirecting them to your application. Thus, it helps to keep your business and the customer in the loop constantly.
6. Increasing your sales:
The whole concept of a successful business is to increase modes of positive return on investments while eliminating or minimizing negative or neutral ones. Since your store becomes available to wholesalers and retailers 24*7, your visibility increases and so do your sales naturally.


1.Browse the collection at their convenience:

Just flipping their smartphone open to browse the latest jewelry collection gives the customer an enormous sense of freedom. While physical stores have the distinct advantage of the “look and feel”  experience, the customer today wants to know all these options, other than what just the sales executive shows him. Thus, having a detailed product catalog, helps the customer in systematic categorization according to his preference, thus saving him the hassle of having to go through several pieces before finally coming across THE ONE.

 2. Regular updates on post arrivals and special offers:

While SMS and email updates are still popular, a more effective option is the use of push notifications on mobile applications. Customers can effectively stay updated via alerts of the various discounts, post arrivals, and special offers.
3. Recommendation to other people:
While recommending a particular jewelry store is great, giving them a first-hand glimpse as to what you exactly refer definitely sounds impressive. Forwarding a piece that you like to your friends and family with just a click, not only helps speed up the process of your sales but multiplies your reach exponentially.
Featuring your jewelry mobile application
The IOS and Android application design consist of two panels generally – that is admin and user. Here we give you a basic outline of what your mobile application should consist of essentially.

user app

Suggested admin panel for your Mobile APP
Suggested admin panel for your Mobile APP
Integration for your Mobile APP
Integration for your Mobile APP


Many e-commerce websites have made use of this technology to enhance the virtual experience of their customers. Since not being physically present during the purchase is a big impediment while buying jewelry, integration of such software into the mobile application lets your customers try out products virtually, allowing them to make a more informed purchase. Such augmented reality experiences enable customers to shop from online stores without a hassle, thus making jewelry shopping online a trustworthy experience.
We have developed the Navneet Gems and Minerals mobile application falling in line with this trend.  We would like to invite genuine wholesale buyers globally to peruse our complete collection on the exclusive Navneet Gems app. It works pretty simply:

  1. Write to us enumerating your interest in a particular type of gemstone, along with details of your company – as this is strictly B2B.
  2. Your credentials will go through a whetting process by our team,
  3. Following this, an exclusive link will be sent by our executives to your email id, along with your login and password.
  4. You can now go through our complete collection and place a direct order to us through the app!

Write to us at to know more about the application. You can also contact us at (+66) 985498500.


Selecting the right app development company is extremely crucial. With more and more people logging online to look for the best possible options, this is the best time to monetize on this trend. With restrictions in travel and difficulty in conventional approaches triggered by the pandemic, jewelry and gemstone businesses have to evolve to keep running profitably. Mobile applications are one way to reboot your gemstone and jewelry business.

Tips for a successful Jewellery APP
Tips for a successful Jewellery APP