Looking for a supplier of London Blue Topaz? Navneet Gems is a manufacturer and exporter of London blue topaz.

London blue topaz is the darkest shade of Blue topaz. It takes 2-3 years to irradiate White Topaz into London Blue Topaz. Blue topaz can come in three different shades, Sky blue topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, and London Blue topaz. We have caliberated London blue topaz and also Freesized london blue topaz ranging from 20 carats up untill 200 carats of unique, specially cut London blue topaz.

We are your solution for London blue topaz, if you are looking for a wholesale supplier of This sapphire like gemstone. Moreover, London blue topaz comes in many shades, even though medium open color of London blue topaz is the most asked for, naturally there are around 3 different shades of green colored London blue ropaz, and 3 more shades of Blue Open color in London blue topaz. This makes London blue topaz more difficult to manufacture and thus prices fluctuate and are usually increasing as times goes by…

London Blue Topaz is a major product for Europe, mainly used in Wholesale Gold Jewellery, from Italy, Switzerland, UK and Germany. Navneet Gems is your answer for Wholesale London Blue topaz supplier, because we have large stocks of London Blue topaz, both in caliberated London blue topaz and also Freesize london blue topaz.

Please get in touch with us for London blue topaz orders.