Different Shades Of Swiss Blue Topaz

YES YES YES, in the market you are likely to find different colors of Swiss blue topaz.

  • I thought only Blue topaz had different colors, Swiss blue too?
  • What is Baby Swiss blue topaz?
  • What does Super Swiss blue topaz mean?
  • Difference and availability in the different Swiss blue topaz
  • Upward or Downward trends of Swiss blue topaz shades

Well, this might be a tough question to answer as there is usually a very bias opinion about these types of issues in the market which are usually only seen by a trained eye.

Swiss Blue Topaz Ovals
Swiss Blue Topaz Ovals

Here are the different types of Swiss blue topaz color available in the market. With us at Navneet Gems and Minerals you will only find; Super Swiss blue topaz and the normal Swiss blue topaz:

  • Baby Swiss blue topaz -This type of color is usually very abundant in the American gemstone market right now because of the issue with the irradiation and more importantly the price point of views in these mass-market gemstones coming into play. This color of Swiss blue topaz is usually 20% – 30% less expensive than the normal stones because of the dose of treatment cost and also due to the market’s perception when it comes to the color. But sometimes the Baby swiss blue topaz can look so natural and less “blingy” or “neony” and it gives a less glassy appearance which may in fact increase its demand for this type of color. This is one of the most preferred colors of Swiss blue topaz.  More of this Baby swiss blue topaz material is actually available in the market these days because of the rough quality and the color centers that the Irradiation process produces.baby swiss blue topaz
    The normal Swiss blue topaz – This color of Swiss blue topaz is what we produce for most of our consumers as this is the normal nice colored Swiss blue topaz. People know this color as the norm in the industry. This is really what drives people insane but at the same time its what looks like the nearest color to glass in the European market. This material is starting to run out in the market, or at least a hint of shortage for sure.swiss blue topaz

    Baby Swiss Blue Topaz    Normal Swiss Blue Topaz     Super Swiss Blue Topaz
    Color  Top sky blue topaz color Normal Ocean Blue color Intense, more Neony like Paraibas’
    Availability Medium & Increasing High & Decreasing Low & Decreasing
    Market type Mass Market Mass market High-end retail market
    Price $1.75-$3.50 / carat $2 – $5 / carat $5 – $20 / carat

When you think of a gorgeous blue stone then topaz is most likely to cross your mind. There are many factors that make it desirable; the availability of beautiful colors is one of them. While shades like yellow, gold, pink, teal,bluish-green are attractive; it is blue that always steals the show.


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We at Navneet Gems and Minerals are a wholesale colored gemstones supplier and as stated, specialize in Topaz Gems. We can do virtually any cut or shape for different shades of Swiss Topaz.

For all those who love Asscher cuts in blue, Here you can check out: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCQq0X0BefL/.