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London Blue Topaz – from mine to supplying ’em to Jewellers.

What is London blue topaz?

London blue topaz is one of the three shades of blue topaz that is the result of Irradiation and Heat treatment. One of the most desirable shades of Topaz (Blue and Green hues) in today’s market is London blue topaz. The reason being the resemblance to Sapphires and the amazing shade that it just suits any occasion and also creates a whole classy look when worn on every occasion.


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 Have You fallen in love with the color of London Blue Topaz want to ensure you know what you are buying? To help you make an informed decision when making a London Blue Topaz purchase, this is the best place for your search:

London blue topaz
How is London blue topaz colored?

The only way to really get this color in Natural topaz is by Irradiation and heat treatment together. The process of Irradiation and heat can take quite long (Upto 3 years), this is because governments and suppliers make sure the safety of consumers is the top priority and that’s why the half-life of London blue topaz nuclei’s are usually the longest and thus they take longest to get their radioactivity reaching a safe level.

Why source London blue topaz from us?

Here are the following reasons which should make you choose us over any other supplier:

  • Consumer Safety is what matters in the end – Our London blue topaz is not treated in China, which is very unsafe and it goes through strict control over how much radioactivity is allowed for the stones to emit to make it 100% safe for consumers.
  • Different shades of London blue topaz – We at Navneet Gems and Minerals completely understand the different shades of London blue topaz available in the market. The market has Baby London blue topaz which is in the middle of Swiss blue topaz and London blue topaz. The other shades are more “Greeny” and some are a little bit too dark to be classified as London blue topaz. Having understood that, we supply the perfect calibrated and more importantly stones that have a perfect and the right color, the “Dark Blue-green” London blue topaz which is what consumers like.

    London Blue Topaz Ovals
    London Blue Topaz Ovals
  • Make of our London blue topaz’ – What does matter is where the London blue topaz is being made in if in India you cannot expect every piece to shine or sparkle. The price yes will be better, but really the whole point of someone spending 500$ on a nice Cocktail ring is not because he/she wants a good price of 450$ and get a product that does not sparkle. Women love sparkly things. Reminds me of that slogan – Women love sparkly things. Thailand is the only place that cuts/polishes 90% of the Ruby and Sapphires and is still able to maintain a competitive edge on products that want a good sparkle.

Prices of London blue topaz

For any price-related questions simply contact us at Our prices are all wholesale for Jewellers, Designers and also Wholesalers.

What London Blue Topaz does Navneet Gems have? Our stock.

London Blue Topaz Fancy
London Blue Topaz Fancy

London Blue Topaz is by far the most searched Semi-precious gemstone on Google. What’s the reason? The reason is the beautiful sparkle of London Blue Topaz and the non-replaceable gem that does not have any replacements, except for Blue Sapphire. And well, we know how much Blue Sapphires can cost.

You can buy London Blue Topaz in a very simple and easy way. What you all have to do is fill our contact us form and submit your requirements to us. We ship Wholesale London Blue Topaz gemstones all around the world.

Due to the ever-changing stock for this gemstone, we cannot disclose our stocklist but in order to obtain an up-to-date stocklist of our London blue topaz, all you have to do is EMAIL us RIGHT NOW at and you will have what you need in 24 hours.