If you are looking for a Manufacturer of Wholesale Semi  precious stones or  Precious gemstones, be it customized design, mass production stones, anything from Rose cut to normal Facetted cut, we produce everything. We are also a large scale manufacturer of jewelry Рproducing customized designs in silver, gold and brass with an inhouse production team.

Navneet Gems is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of well dimensioned, cut and polished wholesale precious gemstones and wholesale semi precious stones along with Silver, Brass and Gold Jewelry. The company was founded by Mr. Suresh Agarwal in 1993 (now the major part of the business is lead by his son Navneet Agarwal) headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand  and Jaipur; India,  where we have our Gemstone factories in both the Cutting hubs. Our company is involved not only in many different types semi precious gemstones (more than a 100 different types) but also our company qualifies to supply some of the most finely cut and selected precious gemstones from our factory. The only reason precious gemstones are not easy to source is because there are various types of qualities and color of these precious stones. The price and quality vary greatly. Thats where our company Navneet Gems comes in, to provide consistent material.

Ruby sapphire - Precious gemstones

Our company’s heart lies in Topaz because many years ago when we started our business, we started with Topaz, so check out our most important Topaz products here.¬†Our list of semi precious gemstones doesnt end there, we also have a Quartz gemstones page which talks about all the different types of Quartz gemstones we are working with currently. Since quartz is a very broad category in terms of different colors available, we have had to create a seperate sub category for it.

Our website has some great informative news articles about gemstones and jewelry. Especially in today’s world where trends are changing so fast. Navneet Gems is a combination of diverse teams of experienced labour in the production, quality control professionals, gemstone testing professional (studied from GIA), research and development, packaging & shipping, accounts, photography experts, content writers and prominent sales team experts.

Silver Jewelry Design Page

NavneetGems.com is one of the well known manufacturers and suppliers from all semi precious stones suppliers, sells overseas to customers in more than 40 countries. The majority of our customers are wholesale jewellery manufacturers who require gemstones at a consistent basis, wholesale gemstone resellers, jewelry designers and collectors. We also have a large customer base who have their own Jewelry stores where they import finished jewelry. We aim to work with only consistent and long term buyers who wish to purchase regularly. However having said that we do often get request for single order requests or single pieces for a particular occasion which we dont deny. Good  and consistent quality, reasonable prices, satisfactory pre-sale and after-sales services, instantly prompt reply, express and safe delivery options do not leave any options for our customers to go to.

Most of Navneet Gem’s customers are wholesale jewelry manufacturers who are looking or well priced and consistent gemstone supply, hassle-less. However our company has diversified into different types of Jewelry and Diamonds also. When our customers abroad, started realizing that jewelry made in Thailand was very affordable and high quality, we started our own production inhouse for Gold, Silver and Brass jewelry. This gave our customers final products which they just have to do marketing of.

Morganite Wholesale semi precious

Business model of Navneet Gems – Our business model starts from the sourcing of raw material in the form of Wholesale gemstone crystals, sourcing that is done from Brazil, Africa, Burma, India, Madagascar, Taiwan, China, Russia and some other countries. Then it goes to our gemstone factory in bulk (semi precious stones for India, precious stones for Thailand) where our expert craftsmens cut, shape, polish and make the final product, currently our factories are producing more than 10,000 pieces every week on a regular basis. Our own manufacturing units benefit immensely to our clients by supplying gems at low prices with controlled quality. We at the same time have a large unit setup for finished jewelry, which requires a large number of processes from CAD/CAM design to Casting and Stone Setting.

You can check the list available of gemstones at wholesale quantities at the left panel and buy loose stones by sending us inquiry through email/call/contact us form/skype/whatsapp, though we are specializing in wholesale Blue Topaz (Sky, Swiss and London), White topaz, Druzy quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, all Quartz, Garnet, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Labradorite, Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Tanzanite, semi precious stone beads and all other colored gemstones. Our factories since 2010 have been manufacturing silver and gold jewellery for our customers, especially because we want their business cycle to be smooth and efficient. This part of our business has been growing as more and more buyers of Wholesale semi precious stones and precious gems have been making jewellery from us at a consistent quality. Since then we have moved alot of the outsourcing into inhouse jewellery production.

All the fancy cuttings and shapes (round, oval, cushion, marquise, trillion, square, octagon, triangle, baguette and fancy cut) in normal cut, cabochon, rose cut, checker board, uneven, honeycomb, football to fancy cut are doable as per your requirements. It is not easy to trust someone while searching for example “Wholesale gemstones”, you might get many results,¬†but its important to find a consistent and a reliable supplier of gemstones for your gemstone jewellery business. Finding a good wholesale loose gemstones manufacturer is not an easy task, try us today.

It’s a pleasure to have you visit our website (full of exciting Semi precious stones and Precious gemstones), It‚Äôs easy to buy gemstones from us, just write your requirements and click send inquiry button and our sales executive will reply with prices in less an hour if you need any kind of assistance in the ordering process. CURRENTLY we are manufacturing more than 55 types of natural gemstones so in case any of your required stones have not been listed then do not hesitate to drop your inquiry.

Ethical sourcing of Wholesale Gemstones and crystals
Navneet Gems and Minerals has initiated a brilliant process of ethically sourced gemstones. The way we are doing this is by sourcing the rough material from mostly Brazil and India (our cutting location of gemstones), because some of the African mining locations are quite a disaster. Having said that still some percentage of our Precious gemstones like Tourmalines, Tsavorites, Rubies (Mozambique), Sapphire (Nigeria) comes from African countries, we try to be as much as in touch with the miners over there to ensure they are mining in goods conditions.

By good conditions we ensure the happiness of the miners, basic pay, healthy mining conditions, ethical stones from the mines and healthy follow of all laws. In this process we end up having a higher cost perhaps than most other companies, but this is a start we will not step back with. In case you want to discuss anything about Loose gemstones or Jewellery and their sourcing, do not hesitate to send an email directly to Navneet at: navneet@navneetgems.com