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If you are looking for a Manufacturer of Wholesale Semi  precious stones or a Precious gemstone, be it customized design, mass production stones, anything from Rose cut to normal Facetted cut, we produce everything.

Our factories in India and Thailand serve various types of customers, very well. Thailand is the hub for Precious Gems where our factory cuts Ruby and Sapphires on an everyday basis, along with some special designs. On the other hand our factory in India fullfills all the Semi precious stones, Diamonds and Emeralds’ requirements our customers have often.

Our customers for Gemstones, usually are Jewellery companies that require excellent quality of Wholesale Semi precious stones and Wholesale Precious Gemstones at Wholesale prices, that they get from a Gemstone Manufacturer like us. We also love serving individual needs of our customers, that buy 1 or 2 gems from us for collection, gifts, or even Investment in Gems purpose, and our customers are mostly Gem Resellers/Distributors, who buy Wholesale Semi precious stones, and Wholesale Precious stones from Navneet Gems.

gemstones wholesale drusy quartz
drusy quartz

We specialize in Wholesale Semi precious stones, as we have stock for almost all Colors in this genre, including Blue Topaz, Citrine (All three shades), Aquamarine, White Topaz, Amethyst (Brazillian/African Amethyst), Garnet (Mozambique & Rhodolite), All Quartz, Multi Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Zambian Emerald, Semi Precious Stones Beads, Black Diamonds & Silver Jewellery) We also have Wholesale Black Diamonds, Rose Cut Gemstones, African Amethyst, Wholesale Sapphire, Loose Sapphires, Amethyst Wholesale, Wholesale tanzanite, Jewellery Stones, Precious stones, Wholesale Gems, Wholesale gem stones, Loose Gemstone, Buy Gemstones, Gemstones for sale, wholesale semi precious stone beads, Wholesale quartz, wholesale semi precious gemstone beads, London Blue topaz, Colored Gemstones and many more.

It’s a pleasure to have you visit our website full of exciting Semi-precious and Precious gemstones and please email us regarding any Semi precious stones or Precious Gemstones in requirement.

About us: We have factories in Thailand producing Precious Gemstones that the Thais are Manufacturing and we are a Precious Gems supplier. We produce Semi precious stones in our Jaipur factory, for which we have really good sources (Muslim rough suppliers) and some (Indian rough suppliers from the south) where the mines are, we also import Rough materials from Brazil. Our wholesale semi precious stones factory has the capacity to produce 100,000 pcs/week and we fullfill all our customers Colored Gemstone requirements with some spare capacity sometimes.

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