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Wholesale Blue Topaz
Blue topaz at wholesale is a hot topic amongst buyers in todays market. The reason being the shortage of blue topaz in the supply chain of this product which makes this gemstone a very highly asked and regarded gemstone. Another reason for this stones’ popularity is the big American consumer market who buy a lot of semi precious gemstones including blue topaz at wholesale. The wholesalers of Blue topaz can be considered as an item that sells worldwide, not just in America.

When did Wholesale Blue topaz start selling? Since the early 19th century, radiation plants with the indusrial revolution taking place in the 1950’s, right then the Radiation plans made their come back with Food processing, where processed food became acceptable and the introduction to GMO’s and the acceptance to the rising food requirement made it compulsory. That’s when Food was radiated to keep longer in the shelves of the Grocery stores. Just then, Russian scientists with some American scientists realized the potential and the possibility of White topaz turning into Blue topaz when its said that someone randomly just took their White topaz rough into radiation and saw the color of the White change into Blue when it passes to the X ray machine. Now that’s how inventions happen.

Wholesale Bulk Production


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Navneet Gems and Minerals engages in the bulk production of Wholesale Blue topaz from the mines upto the Faceting of our Rough and Preforms of Blue topaz. We are manufacturing different types of Topaz with fancy cut, round cut and Brilliant cut From African, Australian, Ceylon and Madagascar. Lets get more into the depth of Wholesale Bulk production with our company and what we do.

Here you can see a large collection of wholesale blue topaz :

blue topaz

Types of Blue Topaz
In the business of Blue topaz, there are only three main colors of Blue topaz. The first one is Sky blue topaz which is basically as the name suggests, the lightest color of blue topaz which happens only by Heat treatment of White topaz.

Specialty of Navneet Gems for Blue topaz
Navneet Gems and Minerals specializes in Wholesale Blue topaz since 2001. If you want to understand how we strongly specialize in this then see the picture below of our booth at Bangkok Gems and Jewellery Fair in 2014.

As you can clearly see that our booths are displaying all types of Blue topaz. Our main buyers are always interested in Swiss blue topaz, that’s why we are always working on displaying mainly these medium color of Blue topaz, where as in our Hongkong Gems and Jewellery show, we display our fine collection of Garnets, Amethysts, Citrine, Ruby, Sapphire and many other Semi precious and Precious gemstones.

However, our love for this Blue colored semi precious gemstone has increased over the year, as well as demand for this stone that looks almost magical and impossible to achieve in nature. Nevertheless we do sell “natural blue topaz” which does exist in the market but at the same time they are quite rare and very expensive as they are no treatment stones.

Quality of Blue topaz at Navneet Gems’
In the market there are three basic qualities of Wholesale Blue topaz. First one is:

  1. AAA clean quality – as the name says this is quality that comes clean and does not come with any inclusions. AAA quality is usually the most seen quality in the market and even with us. This is because the rough from the earth in Topaz comes clean and 95% of it comes clean. But do mind that only 50% of the topaz comes 100% clean, there always is a few percentage of the material that is dirty or has some type of inclusions. Those inclusions are then removed in the process of “sawing” as they say in Diamonds.
  2. AA quality of Blue topaz is basically when there are some inclusions, which may or may not be visible to the eye. Sometimes inclusions camouflage themselves into the color of the stone. For example, the rutile needles sometimes in tourmaline makes them eye visible clean as they hide behind the strong ploechroic colors of tourmaline.
  3. Lastly our last and the most included quality is A which is basically eye visible inclusions in more than 30% of the topaz. We rarely have this quality, as the quality we produce usually is clean or very slight inclusions in the Cabochons.

Where do these Blue topaz come from? Process?
Blue topaz is not like Aquamarine where the ocean looking Aquamarine produces natural sky aquamarine and is naturally found. In nature Blue topaz comes rare, but due to technology we are able to radiate the white topaz. So where do the Blue topaz come from?

They come from the treatment facility, which shoots the white topaz with electrons and converts them into a different level of orbit which creates “Color centers” and these color centers change the color of the Gemstone from white to Blue. Ofcoruse different shades of blue are created, from Sky blue topaz to Swiss blue topaz and London blue topas as the darkest shade. Next topic we will discuss about the three different shades of Blue topaz which are Sky blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz and London blue topaz.

Sky blue topaz

One of the only stone in the world that gives competition to Aquamarine. Aquamarine for years enjoyed to freedom to be the only color that looks like the sea, the water and the sky. But since the turnaround in the Blue topaz industry, sky blue topaz has touched heights that no other gemstone has. Aquamarine is also heated, just like Sky blue topaz, the only difference is the history with Sky blue topaz and Aquamarine. The aquamarine has a large history since the Egyptians time, where Queens and Princesses of European countries used to wear Aquamarine to resemblance the “deep” sea meaning behind their personality.

Swiss blue topaz
The most wanted Blue topaz color is Swiss blue topaz. This color resembles the cleanest and the deepest of the Oceans where the ocean is deep blue, dark, and very clear and clean. Swiss blue topaz is amongst the favorite colors especially in the USA gemstone market. This gemstone shows the true beauty of what colors can be brought out with the use of the Neutron accelerator.

Over all Swiss blue topaz is one of our favorite gemstones that we have. One great example is the pictures here that I am attached. Look at these beautiful Swiss blue topaz stones that have in stock. We call these “Super swiss blue topaz” and they really are super.

London blue topaz
As the name suggest London blue topaz is a hot selling product that was originally created by someone in London. No one knows who, but since it suited the British people very well, the Londoners loved wearing this gemstone because of its color and hue. Anyways lets talk about todays marker sentiments for London Wholesale blue topaz, how its created and its color.

London blue topaz resembles sapphires, they say. That’s why consumers love the deep dark look in this gemstone, because of this resemblance. I mean if you cant afford sapphires, you are going to look for commercial sources that are great alternatives right?

Why to stock Wholesale Blue topaz right now then late?

Investors are stocking on Blue topaz. Not the real investors, but the investors in our Gemstone business. They are “holding” more stock in their hands so the market is becoming tighter and tighter in terms of its price. Now, when people hold stock, especially the people who are selling the Blue topaz, the prices are likely to go higher and higher as days go on.

So this is right time to stock up the inventory of Big manufacturers of Blue topaz like ours. If you are interested in seeing the inventory we have of Blue topaz kindly email us at

What to stock in Blue topaz in wholesale is an important question. If you are just an investor and have nothing to do with this business then you should stock single pieces like what we have here in stock. These are great pieces that can be used as “one of a kind” Pendants and Cocktail rings.

What exactly is NRC certified Wholesale Blue topaz?
NRC is basically the Nuclear radiation commission which is an organization in the USA who monitors the imports of Gemstones into USA and they pretty much make sure that all are safe for the wearer of these Jewellery. So when in the early 21st century, the NRC mentioned that all the imported blue topaz into the United states and that way all the imported stones have to reach a safety level of radiation content before they are imported. By safety, it means that you need to have a “special” NRC certificate with each lot of Blue topaz certifiying that these stones meet the safety standards and are safe for wearing by the end users.

Not just topaz but Diamonds and many other gemstones also need to be made sure they meet the safety standards as these are also all Irradiated stones.