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Introduction to Rutile Quartz

Rutile is a natural mineral of Titanium. Rutile Quartz owing to its high refractive index, color combinations, availability, and ease of work with is one of the best gemstones available in the market. Rutile Quartz comes in a varied number of colors ranging from Black, Golden, Copper, Yellow to many more. This amazing natural stone almost looks man-made because of its excellent feel and look. Needles or hair trapped inside rutile quartz gives each stone a unique appearance. Air trapped in the stone, however significantly decreases the value of the stone. The more organic matter and the lesser air, the more symmetrical the placement of the hair or needles, the more is the value of rutile stone.


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 This article will cover the following information about Rutile Quartz.

1.Manufacturing and supply of Rutile Quartz by Navneet Gems & Minerals
2. Availability of Colors, Quality, Size, and Cuts in Rutile Quartz
3. Price range of Rutile Quartz
4. Jewelry Uses of this Stone
5. Current Market of Rutile Quartz

All about our Manufacturing and Supply of Rutile Quartz

Navneet Gems & Minerals has been in the gemstones industry for the last 18 years. We are one of the biggest suppliers of world-class precious gemstones and semi-precious stones. Predominantly a wholesale dealer, we also cater to individually customized orders. We have our own factory setups in India and Thailand which churn out top-grade gemstones, worked on by master craftsmen. Since we have our own factories, this as a buyer translates to very competitive pricing for our gemstones.

Rutile Quartz is one of the best Natural Gemstones. We are a wholesaler manufacturer of Rutile Quartz based in Thailand and India. It comes in Black, Golden, Copper, Yellow, etc. colors. This amazing natural gemstone appears to be man-made because of its beauty. The “needles” or “hair” inside rutile quartz are magical. To know more information  on loose Rutile Quartz in Black, Brown, Copper, Yellow, and other colors, click at

Due to our experience in the industry, we have suppliers who direct the rough gemstones directly to us from the mines in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Africa, and other countries. We have a varied collection of different qualities of Black Rutile Quartz, Golden Rutile Quartz, and Rutile Quartz Cabochons.

We import rough gemstones from Brazil. These rough gemstones are then sorted before the manufacturing process begins. We manufacture the gemstones in different calibrations, free sizes,s and in different colors. During our routine meetings with our suppliers in Brazil, we were shown samples of this stone. Rutiles enamored us to such an extent that we started dealing with them also.

Colors, Qualities, Sizes, and Cuts

This stone comes in many colors such as Black, Golden, Copper, Yellow, etc.

Rutile Quartz
                                           Rutile Quartz From Our Stock

The quality of a rutile gem is decided by the number and arrangement of inclusions in the stone. These are termed as needles or hairs depending upon their size. If a stone is heavily loaded with hair inside then it is not a sign of good quality. A limited number of needles with proper arrangements makes it look elegant hence enhancing the value of the stone.

When we talk about sizes then it comes in calibration to free sizes. Larger sizes are more popular because of their use in jewelry as pendants. Different cuts and shapes such as Faceted, Cabochons, Beads, Flat bottom, etc are available in all colors of rutile with us. Round, Pear, Marquise, Octagon, Square, Oval, and other shapes too are available in all colors.

The interesting fact about Rutile Quartz is that Rutile is the only semi-precious gemstone that is valued for its inclusions. Limited Needles or hair inside stone gives a fascinating look. Any rutile quartz that is full of hair doesn’t look good and hence is not valued as highly.

The price range of Rutile Quartz

This stone is very competitively priced concerning its natural beauty. Its prices start from 0.07 $/carat and but some specimens can be priced much higher depending upon their inclusions. Large size rutile Quartz Gems are cheaper than a calibration because of the low cost of production. We at Navneet Gems & minerals due to the gem’s popularity sell thousands of carats of this gem.


Here are some sample pictures sent by our Loose Rutile Quartz consumers who are using them in jewelry. Most of our customers are based out of the USA, UK, Asia, and Australia. As you can see from the pictures below Quartz Rutile has made for some stunning jewelry pieces.

golden rutile quartz oval cabochons calibrated
               Golden Rutile Quartz                                                           

Current Market of Rutile

Nowadays Rutile is one the most sought-after Semi-Precious Stone second only to Garnets. A distinct different look of this natural gemstone along with the uniqueness of each stone and competitive pricing makes it popular. The Sri-Lankan variety of rough is not available in the market anymore as the Chinese are buying up all the stocks of it but we at Navneet Gems & Minerals have a reserve stock of more than 50 kilos. Thus we are equipped and able to supply good quality Sri-Lankan as well as Brazilian rutile also in wholesale quantities.

Sample Pictures from our stock.

rutile quartz
                 Rutile Quartz From Navneet Gems Stock

Email us at (as we don’t sell the stones online). In the subject please write “Information on *name of gemstone*”. In the body of the email, you can ask about the shape, size, and cut of the stone. Also, you can get in touch with us over Whatsapp and Skype.

You can rest assured that with Navneet Gems & Minerals you are in safe and secure hands. You can read the testimonials of our satisfied customers on Trustpilot.