We are big manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Tanzanite gemstone. Navneet Gems and Minerals is the one where you can get the assurity of quality and purity at wholesale prices.

tanzanite grade chart
Tanzanite color grade chart
tanzanite cabochons navneetgems
Tanzanite cabochons

We supply the Tanzanite gemstone to the wholesale suppliers and we also entertain the individuals. Individuals can save a big amount despite of buying Tanzanite gemstone from a retailer shop. We have own manufacturing units in Thailand and India. This is the reason that we provide the best quality at reasonable prices.

Tanzanite gemstone has different shapes. You can buy this gemstone in any shape you like. Here are some different shapes of this gemstone as follows:

Cushion cut – This is the most popular shape among Tanzanite available in the market. It is mostly used for Engagement rings and ear studs. 6mm cushion Tanzanite come in range of 20 usd per carat and up. Above 1 carat size prices drastically goes up.

Tanzanite stone
Tanzanite cushion cut

Marquise Cut – These are the well cut Tanzanite and difficult to source. This cut is not even not demand so much.

Oval Cut – This is the most popular shape in the history of Tanzanite. This is the high demand cut. From calibration to big size, oval cut is ever green shape in this stone and available in market easily.

Emerald Cut – This is one of the most difficult cuts to attain.

Trilliant Cut – This is known as the sweetheart of the industry.

Some other available designs are heart shape, pear shape, round, matched sets, specialty cut, etc. You can send us inquiry on Email mentioned above.