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Synthetic Garnet Gemstone At Wholesale Prices

We welcome you at Navneet Gems and Minerals which is one of the most famous stores for all kinds of gemstones and minerals. At this store, you will get the best quality Synthetic Garnet gems at affordable prices.

Navneet Gems and Minerals have specialization in the production and manufacturing of Synthetic Garnet on large scale. At many stores, we provide garnet gems from across the globe. At our stores, you will find a huge variety of Synthetic Garnets; we also provide helping hands to support you in choosing the best Synthetic Garnet stone for you.


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Even if you do not have any experience in garnets, you need not worry as we are here to help you out with our 24/7 support. We have not been selling only synthetic garnet but also manufacturing and selling other hydro or lab-grown or synthetic stones as well in small and big sizes. If you need mm sizes like 2mm to 20mm fiz sizes and shapes then we can supply you or if you need big sizes above 10 carats, 15 carats up then we can also supply you that. It is very important to know how synthetic or hydro stones are made – You can read here about the hydrothermal process –

Synthetic Garnet
Mix Synthetic Garnet

Synthetic Garnet

The most common is dark red color; garnets are available in orange, green, and yellow colors also. Synthetic Garnet crystals have so much fineness that they glow like they are lit from within but are opaque.

At Navneet Gems and Minerals, you will be offered with world’s best Synthetic Garnet stones manufactured and processed appropriately just for our customers only. You can easily get through our online and physical stores; we supply garnet gemstones globally. When you purchase from one of the stores, then at the very same time you are given quality assurance.

For more information about Synthetic Garnet and our more products, you can drop a mail to us at or if you want to ask any question or you want to know more about it then feel free to drop a mail.