Well yes, Swiss Blue Topaz is the best color out of the three shades in Blue Topaz, this is because of its intense blue color. However, each shade of Blue topaz is used in different type of jewellery, depending on the budget and target audience of that finished Jewellery. Most consumption of Blue Topaz is in the United States Of America, where Texas, is known as the Blue Topaz state.

Swiss blue topaz cushion 7mm

Moreover, sky blue and dark blue (also known as London Blue Topaz) are used with different purposes. Sky Blue Topaz gives a resemblance to Aquamarine, as the shades match. London Blue Topaz gives resemblance to Blue Sapphires, which are rare to find in large sizes, which is why London Blue Topaz is the perfect replacement given its color similarity and affordable prices.


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Personally, i find the Swiss color quite fascinating, because it really has an attraction towards itself, it shines when put under any type of Jewellery. And since blue topaz has a hardness of 7, it really makes it a very popular stone. Swiss blue topaz is the most popular color in all types of blue topaz.

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