Red Garnet Rough

Rough Garnet

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We specialize in the production and manufacturing of rough garnets on large scale. At our stores, we provide garnet gems from across the globe. At our stores, you will find a good variety of these rough garnets without helpful hands to support you in choosing the best garnet stone for you. Even if you are not experienced in rough garnet, you need not to worry as we are always here to help you with our support.

You can contact us at for more details. The garnet has been used in jewelry for millenia and can be found as either a flat dome or as a faceted gemstone. Garnet in its rough state when taken out of ground looks brown, because the crystals are buried in rock.

Garnet Gems Rough
Garnet Gems Rough

Garnet Gems Rough Garnet Gems Rough

While processing in the factory, the garnet crystals are separated and they come in all the colors of the rainbow. Besides the most common dark red color, garnets are available in orange, green, and yellow colors. Rough garnet crystals have so much translucence that they glow like they are lit from within but are opaque.

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