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Rose is the most beautiful among flowers and it is also the symbol of Love. Rose Cut style in gemstones also looks like Rose and this is the reason that this style is quite famous. Rose Cut style of gemstones is back as it used to be one of the trendiest cutting styles in history. Rose Cut stones were first found in the early 1500s and remained very famous for the next many years, but lost popularity in the early 1900s. A stone cut is the shaping of a gemstone with a proper arrangement of facets. Facets are geometrical shapes that provide gemstones a stunning and attractive look and also light reflection properties, giving it a proper shape to the stone, such as a round, princess, cushion, etc. There is an exclusive shape and a facet array in a typical Rose Cut gemstone, which has a flat bottom and an aloft faceted dome with triangular facets forming a jagged point. The dome is generally in the shape of a pyramid or a hemisphere. The number of triangular facets in a Rose Cut style may be anything between twelve and twenty four.
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Generally it has a lower layer of triangular facets that in combination with the upper layer, gives the look of a rose bud. The facets in the upper layer are called star facets and the facets in the lower layer are called the diagonal facets. The middle part usually has six triangular facets, which meet at a center point. The outer shape of this gemstone is usually circular but also available in shapes like oval, hexagonal and pear. The facet arrangement is usually in multiples of six. Rose cut gemstone has flat base without the distinctive contraction body and the top of the stone is elevated in a faceted dome where anywhere from three to 24 triangular facets are used to impersonate the tighter coil of a rose. Rose cut stones reflect light that is coming in from around them.
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Giacomo Tagliacarne and Giovanni delle Corniole were the two most famous diamond cutters of that time. These two were perfect in the art of faceted gem cutting. For Rose Cut, a spherical gemstone is best because the facets were being more efficiently brought out and it was quite easy to polish it than a flat shaped gemstone. With the flourishing demand of fashion jewelry these Rose Cut gems are again in demand. They are the best deal to offer your loved one with that will not only show your love and tender care for them but would also protect them against all odds.

There is a difference between antique jewelry and modern jewelry, where antique is a mirror of our culture, the modern is a form of fashion jewelry. These rose cut have offered the wearer with both the forms in one single piece. These are antique as well as modern fashion jewelry, widely popular amongst the youngsters, and women as well. They have panache of their own due to their unique and sparkling nature and when combined with diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gems they are one-of-a-kind which is eye-catching and adorable by all. Though they are costly, but they still offer the best deal as they are highly in demand these days and are praiseworthy as well.

Usually Rose Cut is confined to category, they are mostly liked and preferred to be made of diamonds as the very nature and shape is of facets their allure is enhanced by the sparkle of the diamonds. These rose cut stones require extra care since they are delicate and can be damaged or chipped from its faceted sides. These stones are for those who believe in impacting others by their individuality as they are the original centerpiece of an artisan devoted work. But, Rose Cut is also popular in color stones. Modern fashion of colored stone grab this style and they are becoming increasingly famous. There are numerous pieces of its mesmerizing crystals which are either for ornamental purpose, polished and cut into gemstones or are carried in its natural form. It is believed to be a stone which assist in establishing and maintaining a sense of nurturing love among the family members as well to exude the sense of harmony and love; it helps to minimize the negativity flowing in the house.

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Salt and Pepper Diamonds in vintage rose cuts.
Salt and Pepper Diamonds in vintage rose cuts.

We are the wholesale gemstone supplier of loose and bulk quantities of Rose Cut Sapphires at wholesale prices. Dazzling Rose Cut Sapphires Wholesale Jewelry is also available at our store at very affordable prices. Rose Cut Sapphires are available in a variety of colors and shapes. Our latest colored sapphires from Africa (Mermaid Sapphires from Madagascar) to the Teal Sapphires from Nigeria and finally to the blue sapphires of Ceylon.

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Most Rose Cut gems are round shape, but there are many other unique and fancy shapes that can be found, the term “rose cut” covers a wide variety of shapes and styles, allowing cutters to offer a much greater number of choices with regard to this cut. The post love for rose cuts comes almost too late. The remaining population of vintage rose cuts has so dwindled that it is silly to hope that this style of cutting will ever come off the endangered species list. Vintage rose cuts are such rarities; especially clean ones in good shape, that designer hoard the few they can find until they have enough stones for pieces featuring them. Good Rose Cut gemstones are affected by several different elements which include the Width and Depth of the gemstone, the Symmetry and the alignment of a Rose Cut facets and the polish. The skill of the jewelers will ensure that Rose Cut gemstones have a suitable cut to give the most beautiful results in respect of their luster, transparency, refraction and dispersion of light.


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It is said that when something is in trend, everyone starts following. Rose Cut style started in the USA and now everyone there is following it even European customers are using Rose Cut gemstones in their rings. Rose cut gemstones are also more affordable because of their cutting style. Cabochons are usually taken and by adding facets to them Rose Cut gemstones are created. This means, Cabochons are of course cheap and Rose Cut gemstones are made only at an additional cost of cutting labor charges, which is extremely cheap. Another reason that Rose Cut is cheap that quality of rough gemstone is going down. So Cabochons are made to a greater extent now and this means the progressive number of Rose Cut facetted style. In this modern trend, Rose Cut colored gemstones price starts from $10 to $20 per ring.