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Loose Blue Topaz at Wholesale Prices

Looking for icy cool Blue Topaz at Wholesale prices?

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Blue Topaz – is known as a symbol of loyalty and honesty. And if you are believer of magic and legends then you should not wait, just buy this majestic gemstone. Traditional people say that ancient Greeks believed that topaz has the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in problems or emergency situation. Get this amazing gemstone at very low prices from us.

If you are looking for a source of fine quality Loose Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstones straight from crawling machines of manufacturers to your doorstep, then you are at the right place. We are having our manufacturing factories in Thailand, where high quality Blue Topaz loose gems are produced in bulk so that you can buy it at wholesale prices and straight from its mining treasures like Brazil and Nigeria.

We produce topaz almost in all sizes, shapes, and cuts and in all the three colors: Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz.

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The lightest among these three shades of topaz is Sky Blue Topaz which resembles to a watery summer sky, and the darkest is London Blue Topaz that many times of mistaken for sapphire.

Between the above two shades Swiss Blue Topaz’s shimmering blue shade resembles to the purest aquamarine. These three bluish shades of Blue Topaz are stars of gems industry; people love to wear them with one of their favorite outfits.

We have already supplied these gems to many Jewelry companies and resellers of colored gemstones in various countries around the world. We are having Blue Topaz available in unique cuts in form of beads, briolette, cabochons, faceted, Topaz single stones and lots more. And also we can design your personal Blue Topaz customized masterpiece as per your needs and dreams.

So don’t worry. Just dream about shape of your dreamy blue topaz and we will complete your dream and will provide you your one and only cool topaz in your unique shape at your doorstep. Buy loose Blue Topaz – your lucky charm from us.

Remain cautions with gemstone retailers who are selling such precious gemstones at very high margins. We are Navneet Gems with 18 yrs of experience and huge gemstones experts’ team.

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And you can use your desirable gem in any flair form in bracelets, rings, earrings anything whichever way you would like to wear magical spell of gems.

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London Blue Topaz 

London Topaz OctagonsLondon_Topaz_Rose_cut_5mm

Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss Topaz

Sky Blue Topaz
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